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An amateur UFO hunter managed to snap an interesting photo while vacationing in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

On September 12, Manuel Loria Alejos and his family were enjoying themselves at a beach in Mérida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán, unaware of the fact that an unidentified flying object would make its appearance.

For nearly two decades I have been reading everything about the UFO issue, but nothing prepared me for the day when, in the company of my dad, my wife, my brothers and my children, I would see a strange light on the horizon.”

In the distance, Loria spotted a “strong blue light” rising from the ocean and then moving in a straight line. As it approached them, the UFO changed its flight path into a zigzag and the blue light dimmed, revealing the object’s true shape.

As evidenced by the photo Loria took, the object does not resemble any known aircraft but it does exhibit classic UFO features.


It’s interesting to note the distortion directly below the bottom dome, which was most likely caused by the propulsion system. Another possible culprit would be water dripping off of its surface.

For the next two minutes or so, the unidentified object continued to survey the area before finally disappearing into the sky at a phenomenal speed.

We were eight witnesses and I was the most excited, because although I believe in life on other planets, this was the first time I’d seen something this strange, unlike my father, who lived his third experience of this type,” Loria told local press.

Over the past few years, the Yucatán coast has been attracting unidentified flying objects like a magnet, with new reports coming in every month. Witnesses from all walks of life describe strange objects traveling at high speeds without making a sound.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of Loria’s sighting is that it happened before. On the same day last year, a similar type of craft was spotted not far from the beach. It was witnessed by a well-known and respectable lawyer from Mérida.

Immediately after the sighting, the attorney contacted the control tower at Mérida International Airport in search of an answer. He was told no planes had flown in that particular area of the sky and even if they had, they could never reach the speed he described.

I seek no explanation for what I saw. I spotted the object from my summer home in Chelem; I even had binoculars. What I saw shocked me and I became convinced the UFO phenomenon is real,” he stated.


Several years ago, residents of Flamboyanes (located a few miles away from Mérida) began reporting strange lights moving at supersonic speeds and making no sounds whatsoever. The lights were flying low, as if on a reconnaissance mission. Before anyone could identify them, the glowing objects ascended and disappeared.

Could these sightings be an indicator of extraterrestrial presence in Yucatán? If so, what could be attracting their attention?

Some speculate the answer lies with the peninsula’s history and the existence of Mayan archaeological sites such as Chichén Itzá, Tulum and Uxmal.

What do you think—is there a connection to be made between the ancient Mayans and alien visitors?