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By Abigail O’Rourke

Photo by Gary Rockett on Unsplash

Recently, a number of cattle deaths in Oregon were reported to the authorities because of the bizarre circumstances. For those less familiar with ranching life, any quantity of dead animals gets reported, regardless of the cause of death. Why? If an animal is not dead because of obvious causes like being intentionally slaughtered by the rancher or caught in a flash flood or other natural disaster, then the cause of death could also be serious for humans. In what ways? Having a number of animals suddenly die is a sign of disease, environmental damage, imbalanced numbers of predators in the area, or a malicious human with evil intentions. All of these other scenarios have to be investigated and a solution found for the health and safety of everyone.

However, the extreme and strange circumstances of some of these deaths garners national media attention. In the 1970s and 80s, cattle mutilations were reported all over Colorado and Texas. There is an excellent documentary from 1979 entitled “UFOs – It Has Begun” (available in its entirety on YouTube). This documentary includes a thorough section on the cattle mutilations of that era. It also includes some top-notch interviews from local ranchers and sheriffs. Interestingly they had the same things to say that the ranchers and law enforcement of Oregon said in September. 

The Not-Gorey Details

According to NPR, five breeding bulls were found dead on one local ranch. Their tongues and genitals had been surgically removed and they had been fully exsanguinated, meaning every drop of blood was gone from their bodies.

Who Is To Blame?

What could cause this? To start, let’s rule out a few possibilities.

Wild animals did NOT cause these deaths. I am confident everyone on earth has seen an animal that had been killed by a larger predator, even if it was only on the Nature Channel. There is no surgical precision about that! Rips, tears, dragging and slowly dismembering is what we see in that case. The same is true with animals that have been hit by cars or caught in mowing and farming equipment.

What about poisonous wild plants, snakes or insects or a fatal quick-moving disease? In short, none of those things would cause total loss of blood. We are not just talking about severe blood loss such as when an artery is cut into. Yes, that would remove a great deal of blood from the body. However, that kind of injury would leave an obvious wound, much blood would be found on the surrounding ground, and there is inevitably blood left behind in the body. It is not possible for injury, disease or any kind of poison to REMOVE all the blood from the body, let alone without leaving any blood nearby.

Ranchers and law enforcement who serve in these areas are familiar with what it looks like when a farm animal, or any animal for that fact, dies from common illness, or is killed by a bear, wolf or cougar. Additionally, cult-based sacrificial murders are just not as common as the horror film industry would like you to believe.

The Locals Know Best

Local Oregon residents even called into the Sheriff’s Department to give them a tip: Check the ground under the bulls for a depression caused by a fall from a great height. According to the locals, aliens frequently abduct fertile cattle to run tests and surgical experiments and then when finished, as the animal is already dead, simply drop them from above. This causes a slight depression beneath the carcass. Although the Sheriff openly discussed local beliefs and theories regarding aliens being responsible, and did not deny the possibility himself, reports do not say whether or not these depressions were looked for or found.

Interestingly, both now and in decades past, politicians may be quick to deny the alien cause of these deaths, but locals will tell you that one thing is certain: no human, animal or known machine causes cattle mutilations and deaths like these scenarios. One could say the circumstances are definitely out of this world…

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