A man by the name of Randy Hunter opened Pandora’s box on one of the greatest stories ever told. He opened the box to a man by the name of Alexander Weygers. Randy Hunter lives on the outskirts of Silicon Valley and is living on borrowed time. Living with cancer in it’s advancing stages. An art collector and successful entrepreneur, Randy wants everyone to know who Weygers is.

Alexander Weygers was born in 1901. A dutch immigrant to the US he studied art and engineering, and these became his passions. Weygers is not an everyday inventor. He created the first patent for a flying disc in which he called the “Discopter.” A Hunter discovered his work and decided to make it his life’s mission to share this man’s story, as he felt he didn’t get the credit he deserved.

Weygers lived on the outskirts of Caramel California, and was a brilliant inventor, artist and engineer. He built an entire home created out of recycled materials.

What Randy Hunter admired about discovering Alexander Weygers is that the depth of his work was obvious, apparent. What Randy Hunter discovered about Weygers was quite extraordinary. He discovered hand-drawn designs for a flying saucer, dating back to the 1920’s. “That was an amazing find itself, it was undeniable he was the creator” says Weygers.

He thought cities of the future would make full use of this technology. Weygers patented it in 1944, and then tried to sell it. He sent letters to many companies, sharing his invention. As word of the discopter began to spread, the US Military stole his idea. For Weygers, the image of the theft was there. Images were displayed in cars, architecture and movies. He was coined “The man who invented the flying disc.”

He didn’t seem to be as much after compensation as much as he was after the recognition for it. You can learn more about his story in this 10 minute mini-documentary below.

Learn More About Alexander Weygers Story Here

Do you think that the military adopted UFO technology from Alexander Weygers? Or do you think the Roswell crash in New Mexico was where they reversed this technology from? or a combination of both?

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