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David Icke, the British author who has been exposing the elites and reptilians for years is live now speaking on Bill Gates, the agenda of the Corona virus and more.

This episode was originally live streamed on youtube but was censored, banned, taken down by youtube on the same day. 4-6-20. I found a copy on vimeo below. If you see a youtube video below, clear your browser cookies and cache and look for “vimeo” in the bottom right player. That is the original interview. Which lasts over 2 hours.

Please watch and share as it may be taken down again.

Tune in below now: from Youtube. from Vimeo. 3rd Try, Bitchute’s a charm!:

This video is what the world needs to hear right now. I’ve been researching extensively and have found so much corruption in the MSM, it’s incredible.

With censoring this video it proves that they do not want the truth to get out. The truth will set the people free, and right now, that’s what people need, so please spread this far and wide.