Recent photos beamed back by NASA’s Curiosity rover of a shadowy figure that’s strongly resembling an astronaut may prove that intelligent lifeforms are already operating on the surface of Mars.

There are still countless mysteries on our planet waiting to be unraveled. When it comes to other alien worlds such as Mars, the matter heightens to a staggering proportion, considering that all information originating from this not-so-far-away place is only revealed by a few space agencies.

Are we able to draw clear conclusions based on only what they serve us? And even more, can we truly affirm that no human beings have set foot on the red planet so far?

To better understand the above questions, I’ll present you with a pile of peculiar photos captured during Curiosity’s mission, where an alleged shadow of an astronaut can be observed just near the rover.


Although the shadowy figure can be interpreted in many ways, there’s no denial that it strongly resembles an astronaut that’s taking care of technical issues encountered by the earthly rover.

Its defined shape is noticed not in one, but in four photos taken over a period of 45 minutes. It constantly changes position, and the last two pictures expose it while bent over the back panel. So can this hypothesis of an astronaut taking care of our rover have any solid background?


According to Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily, this is not the only case when an unusual shadow slips into an official picture. A few years ago, a man stumbled across another similar shadow of a presumed astronaut equipped with an oxygen tank that appears to be fixing the rover.

Can these two appearances be considered a case of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon that links something inexistent to a familiar pattern? Or rather a true fact that our minds refuse to acknowledge because of the social standards we’re all accustomed to?

The UFO community finds this catch to be clear evidence that something is wrong with this entire Martian mission, if it’s really Mars we’re talking about. Scott Waring who posted this amazing discovery on his blog has an interesting point of view on this:

I was checking out the newest Curiosity rover photos on the NASA site and found four of them with the shadow of an astronaut in spacesuit that appears to be fixing the rover. This just goes to show the public that the rover is being maintained by humans on Mars, and that there are other spacecraft kept secret from the public that carry a person to Mars in just a few minutes.”

He added another remark that’s a bit unrealistic, but worth the mention:

I got a Taiwanese friend who works at NASA right now. He said a few years ago that he saw a blue/green wheel spacecraft that hovers like a turning wheel and can carry an astronaut at about 1/20  the speed of light. That’s fast, and would get you to the moon in about 30 seconds.”

Such a scenario is not that hard to imagine considering the technological advancement in recent years (not to mention the hidden toys of the military), but I think that it’s highly unlikely because, even if we could achieve such speeds, the human body will be unable to withstand the atmospheric pressure.

Whatever the case, the shadowy figure found in close vicinity to Curiosity is sure to raise a lot of questions.


Are there already astronauts on the red planet operating in secrecy for NASA and other space agencies? Or maybe we have already designed a form of artificially intelligent robots that are helping maintain the rovers. Mars is clearly the perfect testing ground for such machinery.

Other UFO enthusiasts have once again proposed the idea of Curiosity rover being somewhere on Devon Island, Canada, instead of Mars. This is a reasonable point of view that would explain the presence of human beings (or just beings) in spacesuits.

However, these remain only speculations based on our disbelief in governmental institutions, but there’s a good chance for this to be more than just a conspiracy theory.

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