A surfer from the Caribbean just had one of the most intense experiences of his life: he saw and managed to film a shapeshifting UFO as it pulsates over the ocean.

Earlier this month, Jason, a surfer who lives in the Caribbean got the chance to record his UFO sighting.

Though this is the first time he managed to video the abnormal activity, it wasn’t his first UFO encounter. Scroll down for the video, where Jason retells the incident that changed his life.

“I was basically smoking a cigarette right outside my apartment which is located on the beach out in St. Martin island in the Frech Caribbean. As I’m smoking I see what looked like a ball of energy or whatever it could be — switching shapes and just not looking natural at all.”

shapeshifting ufo phases

He then went inside, got his iPad and started filming. That’s when the light spectacle started getting “more intense.”

Jason walked down to the shore to get a better view. He noticed the object was really low, he estimates it was hovering above the ocean surface at 100 feet or even less.

The conditions were less than ideal and the strong wind can be heard in the video.

As is the case with nighttime UFO videos, the end result never matches what the witness saw firsthand. The camera on handheld devices is simply not good enough to capture the few lumens of light that reach its aperture. But the experience Jason went through seems genuine and so do his reactions following the sighting.

This incident wasn’t even the first time he witnessed peculiar activity over the islands. On another occasion, he and an Australian girl were taking a nocturnal swim when they noticed a strange set of lights on the horizon.

“It was a really strong light and we weren’t really sure what it was, it was really far away. We kind of laughed at it, but within 30 minutes, we decided to get out, walked to my car in the parking lot and that’s when we realized that these lights were actually right above our heads, literally 40 to 50 feet above our heads.”

Jason said he could then notice there were four UFOs, two smaller and two larger, all of them a rounded, classic saucer shape. Despite the proximity, the objects made no sound whatsoever. All around their circumference was an amalgamation of flashing colors, something like “a light game going on between the ships.”

This incident brings to mind a case we previously discussed involving a shapeshifting UFO opening some sort of portal and then materializing into different shapes in the sky over Olympia, Washington.

They were so close to us we could literally throw a tennis ball and hit them”

Jason reminisced that at that particular moment, he felt the impulse to film the objects but couldn’t because neither him nor the girl he was with had their phones with them. He desperately tried to find someone with a camera and managed to find two security guards working the night shift. As you would expect, they started mocking and calling him crazy but when he brought them in the parking lot, the smirks were wiped clean off their faces.

The four of them sat there, dumbfounded by what was going on, until the objects started moving away. One of the security guards jumped in his car and chased the UFOs until –Jason later found out– he lost them going over the mountain.

Drawing on his past experience with unidentified flying objects, Jason went straight to his iPad when the opportunity once again presented itself.

When the occasion came to actually get something on video I went in to get my iPad immediately.”

Jason said that the small island he lives on has actually been the set for many strange incidents involving UFOs. “The place had quite a few UFO sightings and lots of calls were made to the Gendarmerie [the military police on the island]. When you talked to them and asked them about it, they would tell you ‘they’re out of range and there’s nothing we can do about it.’

Below you’ll find Jason talking about his experiences. Footage of the sighting is in the last minute of the video.