The fields near Stonehenge are counting one more crop circle with a different complex pattern, adding up to an existing sequence of crop circles that seem somehow related with each other.

The latest agriglyph was discovered on June 24th, 2015, one kilometer away from Stonehenge, and depicts the symbol of the cross and a crescent star (symbol of Islam). A strikingly similar design had been found within a crop circle discovered on June 15, 2015 in Newton Barrow. More interesting is the coincidence that both formations appeared during Ramadan.

The cross and crescent moon were also displayed in an agriglyph found in 2012, in the county of Wiltshire, each of the patterns having slight differences, but altogether strongly resembling one another. The interpreted evidences lead its investigators to believe that, if it was not some elaborated hoax, these patterns are without doubt means of communication, either as dialog or clues that humanity has to decipher.

On this matter, a popular theory has emerged, according to which we see the planet Nibiru as a shining planet assigned to the symbol of the cross. Starting from the fact that Nibiru’s orbit takes 3,600 Earth years and every 3,600 years Nibiru passes through our solar system, crossing the ecliptic in place, orbiting the planet Tiamat. Thus, the correlation between the symbol of the cross and the planet of crossing makes more sense, as the crop circles may serve as cosmic markers. In addition to the degree of plausibility, the arrows on the cross in the middle can point Nibiru’s orbiting course.

These signs are believed among scientists to hold clues referring to astronomic phenomena and events that will be clear once we’ll be ready and worthy to travel to other world’s galaxies, most likely through a spacetime wormhole, which both Newton Barrow and Luxenborough crop circles seem to accurately illustrate.

More interesting is the calendaristic coincidence: June 24th is not only the date of the Luxenborough crop circle discovery, but a day of the Solar Seal “White Wind (Breathe, Spirit, Connection, Communication) and Tone 4.

Tone 4 represents the alignment of our inner self with the 4 geographical directions, according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin. Tone 4 is symbolized with the 4 lunar crescents.

24th June is the 4th day of the Blue Storm Wavespell, in the White Castle, where the process of Purifying continues. This crop circle can be interpreted as a reminder that now during the Blue Storm Wavespell continues the process of Purifying through Universal Water.

At the ends of the “compass” are depicted crystals. The “compass” itself also looks like made of crystals. On this way, we are reminded that during the Blue Storm Wavespell we receive the Blue Energy of Transformation. The structures (physical bodies, cells etc.), which were purified in the previous Wavespell of the White Worldbridger, now are transformed in crystalline structures.

White Wind is the Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm. On 2 of the needles of the compass are depicted figures, which look like wings. Each pair of wings symbolize the Energy of Spirit – White Wind – which is Solar Seal No. 2. The White Wind inspires us and lends us wings.

Not only the moon, but also Venus shows phases. The formation shows the crescent waning and waxing phases of Venus. On June 24th, Venus is crescent waning. The formation also shows the maximum elongation of Venus (about 47 degrees; the maximum distance to the sun). This idea is supported by the orientation of the formation towards sunrise as well as the fact that on the day of the formation, Venus is close to its maximum elongation, around 44 degrees on June 24.