It’s a rock…it’s a natural formation…No, it’s just a giant robot that’s peeking on NASA’s unaware Curiosity rover.

Mars seems to (unofficially) have it all. From liquid water, to living creatures that crawl over the rocky surface, to flying unidentified objects, and even dusty relics reminding of a complex culture that had once flourished in the now desolate highlands of the Red Planet.

Why the renowned space agency doesn’t make a stand in disclosing these truths remains a matter of debate, but silence tends to be an answer in itself. Since there’s an abundance of information originating from NASA, UFO hunters across the world have taken matters into their own hands and are now trying to elucidate the mystery posed by the numerous presumed relics found on the neighboring planet.

Although most finds remind of a former Martian civilization, there is evidence pointing towards the idea of a still-active form of intelligence that’s operating on the Martian terrain, and they don’t seem to be ancient at all.

A peculiar photo released by NASA towards the end of 2015 has once again caught the attention of the general public after a group of UFO hunters enhanced the image and came up with a wild theory as to what the strange object from the frame could be.


On the right upper side of the photo, a massive silhouette appears to be watching the rover. After further zooming in, the characteristics of the object become clear. It appears to be enveloped in a metallic shell, with a rigid surface that only proves its artificial nature.

Paranormal Cruciable who stumbled over the intriguing photo believe it could be some kind of mechanical robot that’s checking on Curiosity. Their analysis show possible turrets stacked on top, and a metallic leg that appears to sustain the superior weight of the object. Notice how there’s a spacing between the leg and the hill, making the possibility of it being nothing but a natural phenomenon extremely unlikely. The Paranormal Cruciable team expressed their point of view on this:

Is it possible that weaponized robotic machines roam the Martian surface? Advanced mechanical devices possibility built and operated by an off world extraterrestrial species? Or perhaps by an indigenous Martian populace? If it is, than this image is compelling evidence that an intelligent life force does indeed exist on the Red Planet.

Although the above are only speculative concerns, there’s still a good chance for the sighting to be authentic. Other traces of flying unidentified object racing over the Martian sky have surfaced in recent months, along with an intriguing silhouette of a presumed astronaut that’s fixing the rover.

If there’s indeed an intelligent species operating on Mars, why haven’t they revealed to us by now?

According to UFO enthusiasts, it could be because NASA already knows of their presence and are keeping this secret because of a secret pact the two parties have agreed upon. Little by little, governmental agencies have started to reveal this ‘reality’ that for many seems to be just a conspiracy.

The first step was making public classified reports of UFOs on Earth from the past decades, and this year NASA has secretly financed a study with over $1 million to see how a global extraterrestrial disclosure would impact religion.

It’s clear that, for many people, the ‘UFO fantasy’ presented as reality by an official authority could be life shattering, that’s why the matter shouldn’t be treated lightly. Until disclosure day arrives, we should keep our eyes and minds open to interpreting such unusual sightings that one day may prove to be palpable and real. Official NASA Link HERE