Many bizarre things are found on the surface of Mars, most of them resembling Earthly structures or even living beings, and while NASA could offer simple explanation for most of these artifacts, there are some discoveries that beat even their imagination. Such is the case of this levitating object spotted by Curiosity rover.

A spectacular apparition, as some UFO enthusiasts would call it, this mystery-sphere is certain to puzzle lots of folks, amateurs and scientists alike. It has a circular design and above all, it appears to be hovering over the rocky terrain. The faint shadow raises all doubts that this could be just another anomaly caused by the lens or who knows what else. It appears as if someone who is ahead of us has already developed the gravitational waves concept and is now using it to send messages throughout the universe.

You’ve heard it well. According to the majority of analysts investigating the bizarre levitating artifact, this can only be an alien probe that has been launched throughout the universe in the hopes of finding another advanced species such as them, a project similar to what we’re doing nowadays except that they have access to better technology. So instead of peeking out into the universe or sending radio waves in space, it’s likely that another intergalactic species is sending samples with encoded messages, similar to how humans send (or used to send) a message in a bottle across the river current, seas or oceans.


If this proves to be authentic, then NASA might have just found the Lucky 7, the Holy Grail of UFOlogy that could propel our young species into the next level of understanding. But why is it that they won’t make this public? Why is there no global havoc already? It’s strange, right? But if we look at the bigger picture, an ‘alien message in a bottle’ would mean the end of all religions, people will question everything that they were served as reality so far, this would be the next step on the evolutionary scale, going from 0 to 1 in a matter of days (and that’s quite a huge leap to take).

The mystery object has a minimalist design, it is but a circular material object on the surface of Mars, but above all, it’s hovering right above the ground. There is no possible way to describe this object as being something else, so if an evolved alien species sent it as an intergalactic probe, they sure did an amazing job because they considered the simplest thing – a round, levitating sphere – that cannot be misinterpreted as something different than what it is.


This could be proof enough that intelligent life resides elsewhere in the universe, and their advanced capabilities somehow predicted that the species receiving their message will definitely doubt its origins, thus transmitting it in a circular device, a simple shape that cannot occur as a result of a natural phenomenon, but only through an artificial manufacturing process.

If this is indeed authentic, it would explain the ongoing rush to send people to Mars. An extraterrestrial message is just sitting out there waiting to be interfered with. Now, is it possible that Curiosity rover cannot properly inspect the device, and a manned mission to the Red Planet would be required in order to elucidate the mystery of the levitating artifact? According to some researchers, this could be exactly the case, and although a black-budget mission to Mars might already be underway, the space agency might be waiting for the opportune moment to disclose all their finds. It appears that the world is not yet ready for total disclosure, but we put our trust in NASA that they’ll reveal the truth, although they’ll do it gradually.

Whatever the case, there is plenty of room for speculation here, and at the same time there are clear features which diminish most of the doubts referring to the levitating object as pareidolia. We’d like to hear you opinions on this. [Official NASA link]


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