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If you think the belief in God is the most common religious belief, think again! There are just as many American people who believe in intelligent alien life. A poll showed the same for German and British people as well. A Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina Diana Pasulka argues that there is no coincidence about this high number. She says in her book “American Cosmic” that belief in aliens will replace traditional religion and soon.

Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, beliefs that belief in aliens will become the new religion. PHOTO: University of North Carolina

The reasons for that range from the psychological want to be “saved” by higher forces and an intellectual need to understand existence and our place in the universe to a factual realization that we are most likely not alone.

Religion and UFOs

Religion and belief in UFOs were never too far apart. You may have heard some people saying Jesus was an alien. In the Bible, he is described as a divine being descending from the sky with wisdom and unexplained abilities. In any other book such a description would immediately be interpreted as alien.

A Minister and Ufologist Dr. Barry Downing, for example, is one of the people who see many Biblical events as misinterpreted alien technologies and alien encounters such as Mary’s virgin birth. (Some women today talk about becoming pregnant after what they believe is an alien encounter or abduction).

Before Christianity became one of the major religions, people across the world created ancient art that hints to aliens coming to Earth and influencing human events. Many cultures who spoke about gods or angels could have actually seen UFOs and portrayed their experiences in art.

One of the most famous examples is the stone coffin of the Mayan king Pakal. A five-ton carved limestone piece that covers the king’s resting place in his pyramidal temple was discovered in 1948. Four years later Russian linguists broke the Mayan code now described in the book “Chariots of The Gods.” On the stone carving, we see Pakal on a strange mechanical machine with his foot on a pedal of sorts, and his hands on the controls. He looks like he is about to fly of somewhere. The image is similar to some parts of modern spacecraft. Other scholars believe the image represents a tree and a shamanic journey.

However, it is not the only image of UFO-nature. A wall piece from Mesopotamia 865-860 B.C. shows the Mesopotamian god Ashur hovering above the rest of the scene in a winged disk. Is it the sun, or an alien craft?

Medieval art in Europe sometimes shows round and oval objects flying in the sky over ordinary towns. Some believe they are just symbolic, others that they describe sightings.

This list can go on for a while, but what we can see clearly is that people during all times either have seen or at least believed in UFOs and aliens. Today, we just have more technology to show that the chances of humans to be the only intelligent life in the universe is actually slim.

Odds Of Intelligent Alien Life Are Always Increasing

In 2015, NASA discovered an Earth-like planet that is in “goldilocks zone” away from its sun and can harbor intelligent life. Based on current data collected from the Kepler Space Observatory, scientists are estimating that there may be as many as 2 billion Earth-sized planets out there that are inhabitable.

Meanwhile, the government recently admitted that they are studying UFOs, have a secret program and a budget for this program that is still going despite the previous official statement that it was closed. Many military and government officials are coming out as UFO believers, and UFO sightings happen daily around the globe.

At this rate, believing in alien life makes more sense than not believing.

Belief In Alien Life Is Going Mainstream

Pasulka herself speaks more like a skeptic. In her mind, belief in aliens is like a new religion—a way for people to feel better about the unexplained. What she found in her research, however, speaks differently about the rest of the scientific community.

“I was shocked to discover the level of scientific inquiry into extraterrestrial life.”

“I had no clue that there were actually people at top universities that were studying these things on their own, that there was a whole underground network of people doing the same work, and that there was much more to this than most people imagine,” Pasulka said in an interview with Vox.

Many of these scientists contacted her during the writing of the American Cosmic book. One of them, who she calls Tyler to protect his identity, took her blindfolded as per agreement to a secret location in New Mexico to show her strange materials of unexplained nature. One looked like a metallic frog skin, she says. The others she was asked not to talk about publicly. She does call the evidence to be anomalous.

“I honestly still don’t know what it was. I just can’t explain it.”

The material we discovered, and the other pieces of evidence that have emerged, are genuinely anomalous, and that’s about the most we can say about it.”

Pasulka, after all her research, still focuses on aliens as a religion or a belief in contact with something divine and unexplained and the want to worship something bigger than us. However, what she accidentally discovered is that the belief in UFOs and aliens is growing and taking over mainstream—both in the belief systems of ordinary people and a peaked interest of scientists and government officials.

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