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A fascinating discovery has been made in March, 2017, in a series of caves in Mexico. In the caves between Puebla and Veracruz, mysterious jade stones were unearthed, but they’re not just any old stones. These jades stones are covered in cravings that clearly depict aliens and spacecraft. Making the discover even more bizarre, the stones date back to Mayan times. These mysterious stones have raised many eyebrows and many questions. Are these alien artifacts authentic or are they part of all part of an elaborate hoax? 

Did The Mayans Really Have Contact With Alien life?

Alien Artifact in Mexico

There has been a long-standing theory that Mayans had contact with aliens and there is a lot of evidence to back it up. Ancient Mayan civilizations had an impressive knowledge of astronomy, had a highly advanced calendar that is still accurate to this day, and sophisticated monuments. There is a recurrent theme amongst Mayan depictions where gods resembled what we would now call aliens. Many of these non-humans are shown wearing head-coverings like helmets and breathing apparatuses. Some are even shown piloting machines! 

The majority of large ancient civilizations were built up near a large source of water. Settling near a river not only provided clean drinking water, food in the form of fish, but also protection. The pyramids at Tikal are found nowhere near water. This ancient city was home to almost 100,000 people and is located almost 40km away from the nearest source of water. These ancient people gathered water from rainfall and stored it in reservoirs for use. Why didn’t they just settle closer to a water source?

Further Alien Artifact Stones

At Tikal alone, there are 60 Mayan pyramids, one of them bearing an inscription which claims it was the spot where the ancient gods visited from the heavens. There are three other Temple pyramids, found at Teotihuacan, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Temple of the Sun, and the Temple of the Moon. These pyramids, like the pyramids of Giza, all align with the three stars in the belt of the Orion constellation.

It gets even weirder. The pyramids were built with a layer of Mica, a mineral not found anywhere in Central America. They could have imported it but the closest source is 2000-3000 miles away, in modern-day Brazil. Mica is used capacitors and other electrical items in modern technology but it was also used as a pigment for paint in ancient times. That’s an awfully long way to transport a pigment, don’t you think? Large amounts of mercury have also been discovered in water reservoirs and it has been suggested that both mica and mercury were used as fuel for ancient technology, but how advanced was this technology?

The Jade Stones…

The mysterious stones were discovered by locals of the area but they quickly garnered the attention of Jose Aguayo, a Youtube known as JAC Detector, a treasure hunter of sorts. Aguayo and his team wasted no time in traveling to the mysterious case where the stones were found. The jade stones were not the only alien artifacts found in the cave. There, they found small thin sheets of gold, and broken stones with more engravings. These stones also depicted gray alien-like beings with domed heads, standing in stark contrast to figures that are clear depictions of humans. On the stone, in particular, one can see a spaceship hovering about two figures – one human and one alien/ The human in the craving is dressed in traditional Mayan attire and is feeling and offering an ear of corn to the alien visitor. The ET is standing and offering the human an oval, engraved item, and a small draw-string bag. Some have speculated that the Mayans viewed these extraterrestrials as gods as the human is kneeling before the alien-being, or it could simply have been a sign of respect. 
Videos of the stones can be seen on JAC Detector’s Youtube channel online

Jade Stones From Mexican Cave. Alien Artifacts.

Local legend…

The mysterious origin of the jade alien artifacts becomes even more interesting as there are also local legends that back up the alien encounter theory. According to locals, there is a long-told story of a spaceship landing, and getting trapped in a cave. If this story is true, this could mean that the cravings on these alien artifacts could have been messages from the visiting extraterrestrials, or records by Mayan peoples of their encounter. This has earned the stones the intriguing name of “Stones of the First Encounter”, but are they really?

The Evidence Points To…

The remains that we have of Mayan civilizations are covered in depictions of other-worldly creatures, whom they believed to be gods. With the ongoing discovery of alien artifacts, it gets harder and harder to dismiss them as hoaxes or misinterpretations. One can clearly see the difference in how humans and these non-human beings are portrayed in the engravings. There is much that we do not know about our ancient ancestors but their advanced technology and astronomical knowledge begs the question: did they have a little divine intervention or maybe a little help from a stranded intergalactic visitor?

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