An unusual UFO sighting was filmed over India. It resembles a burning snake that’s twirling across the sky, and it had the local residents scratching their heads as to what it could be.

The UFO phenomenon is widespread across the globe. The multitude of sightings seen in various regions indicate there’s intense activity all around us. Although most of the appearances don’t make it to the local news, that doesn’t mean such phenomenon do not happen. In fact, numerous sightings are reported on a daily basis.

Only a few days ago, on May 20, 2016, a bizarre UFO lit up the sky over Uttar Pradesh state of India. At first, residents of the area thought they were witnessing a falling meteor, but after a short while they’ve realized it was more than that. Although the western media didn’t jump in to report this amazing catch, the UFO community was kind enough to share it with the rest of the world via the internet.

The UFO is out of the ordinary, as it leaves a vivid orange trail behind it while it hovers over the earth, similar to a snake of light crossing the sky, but the end of the video reveals some traits found in orb-UFOs. It doesn’t vanishes from line of sight, but instead it is slowly dissipating into thin air, leaving only two bright spheres behind. This particular ‘behavior’ is found in other reports of bright orbs seen across the entire world, but to better understand the notion let us first have a look at the video below.

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Orb-UFOs appear over different communities. They seem to have a surveillance or monitoring mission and are usually seen in a pair of two. They manifest rapidly across the sky, performing brisk maneuvers and 90 degree turns which are literally impossible to perform by our earthly crafts. However, this case from India reveals a rare behavior of this kind of UFO.

According to Scott Waring from ufosightingsdaily, there is a leading orb that’s creating all the others. He described the event on his blog:

This UFO was seen over India and it has an appearance of a burning tail like a meteor, but the tail is actually similar sized cubes. This is a drone maker. This ship was sent to Earth to create drones to spread out across the sky in the clouds. I have reported them doing this over Japan during the daytime four years ago. Really amazing catch.”

The exact origins of the UFO can only be speculated, but its unusual behavior indicates towards a possible alien hypothesis. The object could also belong to the military that has decided to put out a night spectacle, but chances for such a scenario are slim since they wouldn’t risk exposing their high-tech ‘toys’ in an opened space over a populated area. So what other viable explanations are there?

Some people have suggested it could be a UFO that’s burning and disintegrating on its way to Earth, while others believe it could be just part of a fireworks show. Another hypothesis assumes the UFO is nothing more than space junk or even a meteorite, but the speed at which it travels debunks this idea.

Whatever the case, the sighting is spectacular and intriguing at the same time. We may be looking at the notorious orb-UFOs, alien drones or higher entities which materialize into our dimension. What do you think to be the case?