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The following case was submitted to us by one of our readers. Some names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

Lloyd Dunst, a 47-year-old man from North Dakota was riding in his truck back from work on a Friday evening, accompanied by his son Kenny, when he stared seeing lights and hearing strange sounds. First he thought he was experiencing delusions due to his diabetes because he had forgotten to take his pills that day. He asked his son “Do you hear that?” thinking he wouldn’t see the lights from his side.

When Kenny asked what he should be hearing, Lloyd took his medicine and waited for a few minutes for it to take effect, but the lights and noise wouldn’t go away. Then, looking at the lights, he saw an object in a strange, non-uniform shape. He was amazed, so he asked for his son’s phone to film what was going on.

“Holy S*** gimme the phone, Kenny! Quick, you can’t see it from there.”

His son complied, but when he tried to film the hovering object, it quickly went away. “It fell back suddenly, like a vehicle that would beak hard, trying to avoid hitting something,”  Mr. Dunst recalls. He says the strange object was hovering along the car, not above it, and when he put the phone down, it reappeared.


The lights were kind of pale, as he remembers, and the sound wasn’t constant, it was of low frequency, like a bass, but it wasn’t hurting Lloyd’s ears. Also, he told Police that the lights and sound weren’t perceptible at the same time, and he only saw the bizzare shape of the entire object for a split second. When it came back and he tried to film it again, the UFO went under the truck.

Lloyd was afraid to stop, not knowing how the object, or his son, who had no idea what was going on at that point, would react. He decided to reduce speed and drive on, watching carefully. After what he counts as an approximate quarter of an hour, he was scared to death (and nearly drove off the road) by his son’s reaction to seeing the mysterious object himself.

It came out from beneath the car, this time on his side of the car. Kenny didn’t recall hearing it make any noise, but he also saw the lights, on the object’s edges as he described it. Both Kenny and his father measured the hovercraft as being the size of a medium suitcase, but much thinner and with sharp edges. Twenty-two year old Kenny told investigators he discovered the object’s edges were starting to glow slightly in the direction in which it intended to change movement:

Before it would steer left, the upper left edge would glow a little. If it wanted to go slower, the breaks would come on like on a normal car, so I thought it was a drone of some sort and someone was messing with us, but after a while I realized its movements were too swift to be remote controlled. Then I tried to film it too, and it hid under our truck again.”

The craft had no chance of being remote controlled with such precision, so it must’ve had some kind of sensor, or even a conscience. It knew it was being recorded and wouldn’t allow it. Kenny’s statement continues.

After a few minutes of hiding, we didn’t know if it was hovering under the truck or attached to it somehow, it made a louder noise. We could both hear it, as we looked at one another and smiled, because we also both understood what it was saying, even though it didn’t say a ward. The tonality was just understandable to us at that point. It wasn’t aggressive but it was saying something like I’ma come out now but no filming, ok?”

So he put the phone on the dashboard, thinking it would be able to spot it and know it was out of use, and the craft reappeared from under the moving vehicle. It hovered along for what the two say were 20 minutes, and then just went straight and didn’t follow the road, and they lost it.


When they arrived home, shook by the experience, wanting to tell the rest of the family, they were greeted with such surprise so they asked if they saw anything strange. Lloyd’s wife’s answer was “No, but how did you get here so quick? Did you call from the store?”

So Lloyd looked at his watch, then his phone, which were perfectly synchronized, and realized they had made a 28 mile journey in no more than 2 or 3 minutes.

The missing time phenomenon Lloyd experienced is something that protagonists of UFO encounters routinely describe. It’s a well-established fact that time dilates during moments of increased tension but missing time cannot be explained this way. And in no way would it affect the laws of physics enough for a truck to travel at 600 mph, that’s for sure.