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Recent sightings over the night sky of Miami have caused quite a stir among the people inhabiting the area.

Few of them were lucky enough to be awake at the exact time of the happening and even managed to capture some quality footage of the UFO.

The flying object lit the sky, leaving a blue glimmering trail behind it. It was traveling at a high speed, with its body glowing intensely, revealing the blue trail from behind.

The strange view agitated the locals, as they didn’t know what they were witnessing.

You can see clearly in this video the object crossing the sky.


Since the entire event was eye-witnessed by a lot of people, the Government decided to tail into the matter, stating that the UFO was actually a rocket – more precisely, an Atlas V launched from Cape Canaveral.

Judging from previous experiences, you have to think twice (at least) before accepting an explanation from the government or military.

It seems that on October 2, 2015, the Atlas V is scheduled to launch the Morelos 3 communication satellite mission from the previous spot – Cape Canaveral. Government information refers to September 2, 2015 – when the UFO was seen – claiming that another launch took place.

Now, according to official ULA information, the Morelos-3 mission which will launch in October, will be the 57th Atlas V launch since the inaugural mission in 2002.

Since there had been over fifty rockets launched over the last years, the strange UFO from the video would become a common sight for us, don’t you think ?

The rare footage captured in September is similar to another depiction from China that had happened a few years ago. Back then, the officials covered the track for the same reason – a rocket test.


Besides these justifications, the UFO is moving across the sky instead of going up. Even more, at some point its trajectory is declining, which makes me wonder: How does a rocket meant for outer space fly sideways ?

With that being said, this looks like another government cover-up of a rare UFO sighting.

What is your opinion ?