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1. The Crucifixion of Christ

When you google The Crucifixion of Christ, you don’t come across this painting easily. This painting exists in the Serbian Orthodox Christian Monastery in Visoki Decani. The monastery was built between 1327 and 1335 by King St. Stephen of Decani.

There are several fresco paintings in the monastery that depict scenes from the bible.

In the upper left and right corner, we see two pod-shaped flying objects that seem to be controlled by two beings.

Many believe these beings are holy figures. Others dispute this because angels are usually presented with wings and a halo which was the traditional Christian paintings of its time. It has also been thought that these two spheres represent the sun and the moon however, the Christian church considers it a blasphemy to depict solar objects with faces.

Could these two pods controlled by what seems to be two strange entities represent UFOs of the second kind?

2. UFO in a Romanian Church

The 18th century painting in the medieval church of Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania depicts a spherical object falling from the sky.

The artist is unknown but believed to be a local. Some believe that the disc shaped object in the sky is a representation of heaven.

According to Nicolae Tescula, manager of the of the history museum of Sighisoara, “There is a painting in the sacristy of the church with a religious scene that represents a cloud- perhaps Elijah’s assumption to Heaven- which looks like dome, but can lead to a more modern representation that might make us think of a UFO.”

Tescula adds that piece is in the artists vision. Can the artists vision be inspired by UFOs and aliens?

3. UFO Phenomenon Over Basel

In the year 1566, three strange events occurred in Basel, Switzerland that is depicted in an old leaflet.

On July 27th, at 9pm, the sun in the sky changed color. A day later, the sun rose with the same strange appearance that left the sky bloody red. And on August 7th, people saw black spheres emerging and zooming in the sky.

Could these spheres be UFOs? Witnesses claimed that some of these circular objects looked like fiery balls and caused fires. Could they have been meteorites? Could this have been an encounter of the second kind?


4. Utsuro-bune

The Utsuro-bune translates to the hallow ship. In 1803, in Hitachi province of Japan, an object that looked like a submarine washed ashore. Inside was a young woman who spoke a different language.

The ship contained writings in an unknown language. The woman was taken by the fisherman who found her to the inlands for investigation and it was noted how different the woman appearance was.

After some time, the woman was taken back to her ship where she drove away. Could this have been a USO, an unidentified Submarine Object? Could the fisherman had had an encounter of the third kind?

5. Rajatole Caves in the Dense Jungle of India

The Rajatole forest of Bali is filled with prehistoric sites dating to the Jurassic period.

A group of professors came across a painting in a rock shelter in Badi Tehsil in the Raisen district that displayed a flying object.

It’s concluded that this painting was drawn at least 2000 BC.

Some believe that the flying object is a UFO and that the object in the middle is a wormhole. To the left of the UFO is a strange looking person.

Could it be that this being is an alien? Could it be the depiction of a time traveler?

6. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino is located at Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. This 15th century painting depicts Madonna with baby Jesus.

If we look closely, we can see a flying object hovering in the sky behind Mary with a man and his dog observing the object.

Could this have been a UFO sighting? Could the reason Mary is turned away from the UFO be because she is shielding the children from something?

7. The Summers Triumph of Tapestry

Painted in 1538, this painting reveals another example of UFOs in the sky. The painting was created in Bruges, Belgium.

Historians suggest that this tapestry is about a ruler coming into power with the support of the divine. The objects in the sky is symbol of divine intervention. But could this really be the case? Or could it be that the flying objects are UFOs?

8. The Charama Cave Painting

In 2014, the Chhattisgarh State Department of archaeology and culture tried to reach out to NASA and ISRO to help investigate a 10,000-year-old cave painting that may prove alien and UFO presence on earth.

Archaeologist JR Bhagat believes the picture might pertain to UFOs and aliens. In one painting it looks like armed aliens wearing a suit and helmet. In the second, you see a being with a large head, 3 fingers and 3 toes.

Perhaps these drawings are evidence of alien existence 8000 BC?

9. The Annunciation with Saint Emidius

A painting created by Carlo Crivelli, located in a church of Annunziata, in Ascoli Piceno, Italy could be another example of a UFO depiction.

Something in the sky shines a light on a woman sitting in a room. This beam of light is intercepted by a pigeon and continues until it reaches the top of the woman’s head. Could it be that a UFO is responsible for the beam of light?

Many experts on art history disagree with this reasoning.

They believe the beam of light came from the heavens. This painting depicts Mary’s impregnation by the Holy Spirit.

10. Baptism of Christ

This painting was created by Albert de Gelder in 1710.

The painting represents a scene from the Bible where John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the river of Jordan. This scene is very interesting because of what looks like a flying saucer hovering over them.

Could this really be a flying saucer beaming a light on Jesus and John the Baptist? Could aliens have been present at the baptism of Christ?

The story depicted by the Bible tells another story;
Bible Matthew 3:16: “As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened and he saw the spirit of god descending like a dove and a lighting on him.”

11. Onake, Kindi, India

The Ancient Onake cave paintings are around 5,000 years old. They are located in a small village in Onake Kindi in south India.

The paintings are very mysterious as they depict what looks like UFOs and aliens. The painting looks like a sphere-shaped saucer carrying two people inside.

One of people looks like a woman lying down while the other stands by her feet. Siddeshwar, the author of travel blog visited the site. He writes, “A circular figure with an array on similar sized circles with dots at their centers. Coming to the core; it looks like some kind of shelter in which a woman is lying on her sides on a bed of rocks. I wonder what this picture depicts.”

Could this painting depict some kind alien abduction?

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