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1. Maury Island, Washington
On June 28, 1947, Harold Dahl, his son and their dog were on a boat in Puget Sound near the Eastern Shore of Maury Island when he witnessed six-donut-shaped crafts hovering about half a mile above them. One of the strange crafts fell causing metallic debris to fall from the sky. The debris fell all around them injuring his sons arm and killing their dog. Later, Harold was visited by a man in a black suit. Harold was told to keep quiet about the incident or there would be consequences.

2. Pacific Ocean, 100-mile Southwest of San Diego, California
On November 14, 2004, trained military personnel including radar operators and fighter pilots from the USS Nimitz carrier strike group saw UFOs flying at hyper-sonic speed. It was reported that the flying objects were like no other aircraft technology they’d ever seen. The crafts had no wings but had aerodynamic capabilities.

3. Los Alamos, New Mexico
In December of 1948, many witnesses saw flying green balls of fire soaring threw the sky. At one point, a green fire ball flew head on towards the plane and caused the pilot to swerve. The number of sighting was so high that the media caught wind of it. Time Magazine published an article on the phenomenon. At the time, many believe that the event was due to some sort of soviet Technology.

4. Lubbock, Texas
In August 1951, hundreds of witnesses revealed that blue-green lights soared through the sky near a university town. Many credible scientists witnessed this event. A student took a photo of the sky which shows the blue-green lights flying in a V-shaped formation. Officials claimed that birds were reflecting street lights.

5. Fargo, Minnesota
On October 1, 1948, a War World II fighter pilot and veteran witnessed a white orb zooming near the wing of his air-craft while finishing a cross-country flight. For 27 minutes, the pilot by the name of George F. Gorman engaged with the aggressive white orb which outmaneuvered his aircraft at the speed of 400 m.p.h. Government officials claimed that this event was a weather balloon occurrence.

6. Chicago, Illinois
Between 1948 and 1969, J. Allen Hynek worked as a scientific adviser to the U.S air force which was investigating UFOs under a department called Project Blue Book. Hynek was also chairman of Northwestern University’s Department of Astronomy up until 1978 when the government shut down Project Blue Book. After that, Hynek decided to continue his research into UFOs and founded the Center for UFO Studies.

7. Montgomery, Alabama
On July 24, 1948, two airline pilots saw two cigar-shaped crafts flying at 2:45 a.m. Pilots Clarence S. Chiles and John B. Witted flew at 5,000 feet from Huston to Atlanta with 20 passengers on board when they witnessed the UFO. According to Chiles, the aircraft had no wings with blue lights glowing underneath the ship. A few seconds later, the craft disappeared. Initially, there was an investigation being made until the air force destroyed the evidence. Some believe the craft was Soviet.

8. Dayton, Ohio
In 1947, Project Blue Book was founded by the air force to investigate UFO sightings being reported all over the country. Project Blue Book Headquarters was located in Dayton Ohio at the Dayton’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. At the time, 12,618 sightings and incidents were reported that prompted the air force to start the project. Out of the 12,618 reports, 701 remained unidentified. In 1969, Project Blue Book was terminated.

9. Flatwoods, West Virginia
On September 12, 1952, the May brothers and their friend witnessed a red light in the sky that crashed into a farm nearby. The may brothers grabbed their mother and went up the hill where they were met up by friends and a dog. What they saw terrified them and had them all running. They saw a being which they describe as a 10-foot-tall monster with a face that glows green.

10. Washington, DC
In the summer of 1952, strange sightings were reported in Washington D.C. That year, there was an uproar in America with the press and public demanding answers. Newspapers were reporting sightings with credible witnesses such as military radar operators and pilots. An air-traffic controller witnessed objects on his radar which he joked were flying saucers until his colleagues saw them. Many in the capitol witnessed this event. Military jets swarmed the capital as well. These sightings prompted the special intelligence unit of the air force to investigate.

11. White Mountains, New Hampshire
One September night in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving along a dark road in New Hampshire’s White Mountains when a light in the sky started to follow them. By the time they got home, Betty’s clothes were ripped and Barneys shoes were scuffed and their watches at stopped working. There was two hours of their drive that was unaccounted for to which they remember being drowsy. This prompted them to seek psychiatrist help. They later revealed that gray beings with large eyes abducted them, examined them and wiped out their memories. Project Blue Book investigated this occurrence.

12. Everglades, Florida

On a hot August night in 1952, scoutmaster Sonny DesVergers found himself standing beneath a hovering saucer that left him terrified. DesVergers was driving near West Palm Beach with boy scouts in the back seat when they saw lights flashing through a grove. DesVergers decided to investigate and left the boys in the car while he searched for the lights. After sometime, DesVergers emerges from the grove with burns on his arms to find the boys waiting with the authorities. He was carrying a machete and babbling according to authorities. Later, DesVergers tells officers of what he saw and how a red mist engulfed him before losing consciousness. Evidence on the sight revealed the grass was burnt and the roots were scorched.

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