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Ancient designs are still being discovered today with the help of the latest laser and satellite technology. A recent case has unveiled mysterious symbols resembling those of The Nazca Lines with the help of online satellite maps.

About ten years ago, a local man named Gao Shuxian from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, ventured up a newly constructed signal tower on top of a mountain peak in the Matou village in order to have a better view over the astonishing forest and nearby surroundings.

He was really surprised to see that, when viewed from above, a decent part of the forest to the north transformed into something mysterious.

At first, he couldn’t exactly explain what he saw because the signal tower did not offer him enough height in order to have a clear view over the entire anomaly.



When I was standing on the signal tower 10 years ago, I saw that some trees in the cedar woods were somewhat different from the other trees. They were growing in lined radial patterns. I thought it was amazing, but I was unable to get the whole picture because the signal tower I was standing on was not high enough.

Bearing the strange sight in mind for over a decade, Gao Shuxian decided to have another look, now that the new technology allows people to check different areas of our planet from satellite.

Using the online satellite maps, he checked that particular area of the mountain and saw the mysterious pattern the trees formed, now being able to have a better and ampler view.

He distinguished three giant symbols formed by the trees that if united resembled to Chinese character “犇” which means “run fast”.


The puzzling design of the forest spreads from northwest to southwest over the mountain range, covering over 1,200 acres, with the entire pattern being about 0,6 miles long and 0,3 miles wide.

We can see clearly that the trees forming the arrangement have a different color as well as different heights.

Could this be an artificial design made by ancient dwellers of the place? If so, how did they managed to possess such skill and level of understanding without the proper means to see their creation from above?

Some analysts also found a big similarity between this pattern and the main latitude and longitude lines forming the map of China, relating this creation to antiquity – 3,000 BC or more.

Another theory suggests that the following pattern had been used as a sign to guide the ancient aliens who visited humanity in the past. Is it possible that the knowledge used in achieving this work came from the same alien beings?

Regardless of which theory proves to be right, this strange pattern adds another piece to the seemingly endless riddle of antiquity, concerning time worn civilizations who possessed great knowledge in a time believed to offer no more than simple life tasks and techniques.