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Contacting aliens may be easier than originally thought. It requires no long-distance communication devices but instead a powerful psychedelic called DMT.

A web marketer from Florida Egon Arenberg says he figured out how. 

“Contact has been made,” says Arenberg. “We’ve found life.”

What Is DMT

DMT also known as “the spirit molecule” [DMT:The Spirit Molecule is a great book on the subject] is a hallucinogen that naturally exists in many animals and plants.  In the human body it occurs in large quantities in the spinal fluid, and its main purpose remains a mystery. Though it is speculated that a large dose of DMT is released during death. (People who take it report understanding that there is life after death and what it feels like). 

DMT Experiences 

While alive, DMT is associated with paranormal and unexplained experiences that can fall between life and death. 

When taken as a drug, DMT produces an intense psychedelic experience to facilitate these connections to what seems like different dimensions. 

DMT users often talk to divine beings, visit other realms, and report feeling more real than real. There are so many of these similar reports that DMT has intrigued scientists since the 1990s.

Arenberg believes all of these experiences are real as real if not more real than your current life. He wants scientists to build a machine to help others connect to an “alternate universe” using DMT. While a normal trip lasts about five minutes, he wants to extend it to as long as five hours.  

Arenberg’s DMT Machine

The idea of the machine is simple. A participant would be lying in bed connected to a tube through a vein in the arm. Blood pressure and heart would be monitored. The DMT machine would send DMT down the person’s veins making them instantly “blast off.” This would be the highest of highs. 

Depending on which universe the participant flies to, they would be able to talk to aliens and other extra-dimensional beings. 

New Psychedelic Frontier

Could DMT be a portal to another dimensions? Noonautics say YES.

To build the machine, Arenberg is looking to network with others and for contributors to his project Noonautics as well as DMTx

The first is a “a nonprofit focused on the research and development of higher states of consciousness.” The latter stands for Medicinal Mindfulness Extended-State DMT program (DMTx). Created by Daniel McQueen in 2016, the program explores psychedelic research. 

“This is like NASA,” Arenberg told Rooster Magazine. “This is a launch pad to find new kinds of life; the new frontier.”

McQueen who is not connected to Arenberg seems to have a similar mission. 

Another Researcher’s DMT Machine

Even if Arenberg’s project does not get completed, there is another opportunity for DMT technology. Dr. Andrew Gallimore, a neurobiologist and chemist, also has a plan to create a DMT machine to prolong a DMT experience or “DMT space.”

At a 2019 convention he explained how this technology would work and why it matters:

 “…What you…do is inject them with a short-acting drug that is metabolized rather quickly, and use a programmed infusion device…to deliver a controlled rate of a continuous infusion of the drug into the bloodstream and into the brain. It sounds like a very simple idea but of course simple ideas often behind them have rather complex science and that’s the case here.”

His full talk focuses on this technology being used to communicate with interdimensional alien intelligences. 

You can watch it here:

“With this protocol in a living human being, you would expect to be able to hold them within the DMT space for as long as you wanted,” Gallimore says.

“I really do imagine a time when you’re going to lie down in some type of pod, and you’ll enter your journey time, and you’ll set off for the universe next door,” Gallimore dreams.

Psychedelic research may be the new frontier of expanding human consciousness. And when we do that, accessing different dimensions and talking to aliens and other beings may become a regular experience.

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