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Alien technology is fascinating. A ship can run off ions, lightning, energy that we see as “dormant” in our atmosphere is utilized to it’s fullest capacity. Then, man has built our own forms of energy that are harmful to our health and biology.

Ever heard the term dirty electricity? Radiation? EMF? These are all wavelengths of energy that are harmful to biological function. They cause the body to accumulate positive ions which cause inflammation, stress, anxiety, tension, headaches and more.

Negative ions on the other hand, which come from nature. Such as waterfalls, the ocean, rain and lightning storms are beneficial to human health and biology. Its no wonder ships are powered by what seem to be some form of negative ion or converted negative ion technology.

Our devices, cell, tablet, computer, even microwaves and utilities give off positive ions, EMF’s and dirty electricity. These harm the body and cause health challenges.

A company in California however is making headway on improving conditions for health and biology. Safe sleeve cases out of Carlsbad, California created a case that is made from a military grade material that blocks radiation, forcing it away from your body.

The case works by having the front flap closed and this military grade material blocking radiation from going towards your body. That way it repels the radiation away from your body as opposed to directly towards your brain.

I used to get tension headaches if I was on the phone for about 50 minutes to an hour. Now that I have the safe sleeve case I don’t feel these headaches/tension come on any more. I know that the technology works and am grateful there is a legitimate company creating a solution for this problem. There is research showing that radiation leads to cancer growth, tumor growth and so much more. It is a real health concern and their technology removes that concern in a big way.

The company has FCC (Federal communications commission) lab tests to prove product efficacy. Visit Safe Sleeve’s website by clicking here.

They have cell phone cases, tablet cases and more. Click here to see their FCC lab tests and full line of products.

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