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On September 8, the Detroit Disclosure Conference will host 9 key speakers each offering their own perspective and knowledge on extra-terrestrial life and their influence on the world.

The Event itself is an effort to bring like-minded people together to discuss the importance of disclosure and bring more awareness to the community.
It aims to feed the mind with credible information and give speakers the chance to share their experiences with the public.

Topics will range from the secret space program to a historical standpoint. It will also cover an astrological viewpoint, a multi-dimensional Perspective, healing and awareness.

Bill Konkolesky: UFO Phenomena and Sightings in Michigan
First speaker Bill Konkolesky, is the State Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. He has lectured at conferences in the past and continues to share his story with the public. Konkolesky has been featured in ‘Abduction Diaries,’ ‘Seeing is believing’ and documentary ‘Abducted by Aliens: UFO encounter of the 4th kind’. He is also the author of his own story called “Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds’. He will lecture on sighting here in Michigan.

Tony Rodrigues: 20 and Back and the Secret Space Program
Tony Rodrigues, another notable speaker will address what is now known as the ’20 and Back Program’. Tony was an abductee taken for 20 years. He will talk about his experiences within those 2 decades and how he overcame them. He is knowledgeable of different colonies and different species of aliens. Rodrigues wishes to bring awareness by backing up his experiences with evidence.

Katalina Aster: Historical Acceptance of Otherworldly Beings
Katalina Aster, a writer for UFOholic.com, will address what she has found as a researcher and writer. She will speak of indigenous and ancient cultures and their long acceptance of these otherworldly entities. She will highlight the reasons behind the secrecy of what was common knowledge in our history. She will also address how concealment of our past has hindered our present and how we may overcome this.

Aaron Brown: Movement of Planets Influence Earth
Aaron Brown, who is a musician and artist is also a notable astrologist. He will bring awareness of movement of our stars and planets and how they influence our daily lives. The importance of Edgar Cayce’s work as an astrologer will be a talking point in his lecture. Browns hope is to enlighten us on how this knowledge can help us improve our daily lives.

Harry Hovakimian: Musical Code for Healing
Harry Hovakimian, a virtuoso violinist will share his wisdom the effects of music has on the human body and conscious. He will discuss the healing aspect of music and how he has mastered and channeled music that possesses a specific code for healing.

Mike Blank: Censorship and Manipulation of the Mainstream Media
Mike Blank, who has worked for the Detroit radio industry for the past 20 years will share with us information he has gathered over the years which have not been shared with the public. He will also address the corruption of the mainstream media which is used to manipulate the population. Blank will talk about censorship and how many stories are tossed aside without a second thought.

Emily Infinity: The Hidden Truths of the Multi-Dimensional Soul
Emily Infinity, a clairvoyant, will share with us her personal experiences and accounts with other dimensional beings. Emily, who has had troubling experiences with entities in the past will share how she overcame them, what she has learned and what we aren’t being told. Her past made her realize we have been kept in the dark by the government, culture and educational system which created our limited beliefs.

Colin Nugent: Physics and Technology has been Manipulated to Control the World
Colin Nugent, an economist and philosopher, has an extensive background in physics and technology. He will speak about how physics has been controlled to the point where it has hindered our ability for advanced thinking. He will also discuss the implication of technology and how it is being used to control the population through addiction and mental imprisonment. Nugent will talk about the application of new energy and how that may improve our future.

Lindsey Fisk: How to Heal Humanity
Lindsey Fisk will focus on how humanity can heal. Lindsey, who is a massage therapist and a reiki practitioner, has a degree in healthcare management. She will share with us the implications Western Healthcare system has had on the world as it shied away from holistic healing. Lindsey will share the importance of integrating holistic wellness in the Western medical system and how this application will create strides in the health and wellness of the population.

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