There’s nothing like getting outside at night and riding around town. We love longboarding over here at UfoHolic and found a really badass longboard that is the perfect longboard for getting outside and night and a great way to keep your eyes on the sky for that next UFO. We wanted to share a really sweet longboard company with you today that we think you’d love.

You cannot go for a casual stroll in your car and catch a ufo. It’s unlikely because the body blocks your view of the skies. A motorcycle is a bit better but when you’re riding you need to keep your eyes locked in on the road and around you, right and left.

The best chance of you viewing a UFO is to be outside on foot or on something that allows you to keep your eyes glazed on the sky. That’s why we love Evolve Longboards. They make badass carbon fiber and bamboo longboards (click here to visit) that allow you to have a blast boarding through town while keeping eyes peeled in the sky for a UFO.

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