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We’re always catching up to the latest technology. Yet we’re far behind what the Government and NASA is producing behind the scenes. It seems like that gap is being closed over time though. We’re chasing the latest smartphone with the best camera, now cameras. The smart appliance or thermostat in our home. The smart car, the smart watch, the smart phone. Ever notice how all new technology that tracks your behavior patterns is called “Smart”?

Who is it smart for? You? or the company selling you the device to track your data? Maybe even use that data against you in the future by selling it to companies that will prey on your patterns. That’s the question. Maybe in some cases its mutual. In other cases however, it definitely is not.

It’s important to weigh the risk/reward as well as cost & benefit when utilizing technology. In fact, Steve Jobs creator of Apple did not let his children (or severely limited) them in their use of his creation, the Ipad.

Why do you think someone that America views as a “Tech God” removed a component of his creation from his children’s life? I believe it’s because he knew there are downsides also. Here’s what he shared:

With that in mind, with Steve Jobs perspective, maybe there are more downsides here than we realize and we’re just not paying attention.

Enter Mojo Vision, a California based company that is working to create contact lens that allow you to view your phone display in your eyes. Think of this as an augmented reality (AR) that works as a layer in your real world. You’d think this was an episode of Black Mirror, but it’s not. It’s reality, and it’s been developed.

They company has raised more than $100 Million now, and they’ve been building this for 4.5 years. The founders are veterans in tech ranging from Apple to Google, Amazon to Microsoft.

Mojo Vision shares that their vision is all about “invisible computing.” They say that they want to reduce your reliance on screens. Instead of reaching for your phone every time it beeps or buzzes you’d be looking to the corner of your eye to activate the Mojo interface that will notify you of these things.

Mojo Vision Lens Runs “Invisible Apps”

Mojo Lens Runs Overlay (Augmented Reality/AR) Over your vision. Running Apps, weather, calendar, whatever you select.

Many big questions arise around this technology. How many people are going to be truly present in a conversation with a lens pushing notifications from social media, text, email, weather and everything else? They say it’s about “invisible computing” but we all know that with humans ease of access is our biggest downfall.

The option will be available to have all notifications flood your brain chemistry at once, in those cases our dopamine receptor systems will be completely reliant on this lens. Tech giants work to keep us hooked on technology and that is already slowly disconnecting us from this reality into a virtual sort of matrix that the tech giants control.

Fast food. Fast service. Fast smart phones. Everything we want as fast as possible. If our phone is accessible with the glance of our eyes, how reliable and dependent will we become on this technology? Sure, the idea of being bionic and seeing all this without the blink of an eye sounds great, but what is the risk associate with adopting technology that is actually more intrusive as it’s closer to our biology?

The mental and emotional reliance on technology and smart phones (soon to be a smart lens) is very real. Just watch a 4 year old when you take away their Ipad from them, they start crying and lose their mental and emotional composure. Don’t think adults are any different. In fact, 69% of parents already say that they feel addicted to their smartphones.

I recall reading an article that shared that parents actually remember sooner if they left their cell phone behind while heading out the door more often than remembering their own children. That is mind boggling. This is just the tip of the “bionic man” iceberg.

This doesn’t even begin to ask questions around how this product will effect physical health. An electrically conducting product snug tight against your eye. This will surely be emitting positive ions and I would imagine at the very least this will lead to eye strain faster as well as exhaust hydration from the eyes. Electronic devices such as cell phones, microwaves, wifi routers and more emit both radiation and positive ions.

These are biologically damaging to living cells in humans, animals and plants. There are studies and experiments to prove it. Thankfully there are now companies creating cell phone cases to block damaging radiation, as well as boxers that block radiation lined with a faraday cage in them.

The big question is how will this product affect the physical, mental and emotional health of its users? Will there be long-term effects that we do not foresee?

Mojo Vision CTO & Co-Founder Mike Wiemer Shares Product Overview

Even Google’s parent company Alphabet’s had to refocus its Smart Lens program after hitting bumps in the road. It takes a lot of precision when it comes to sensors, sensor sizes, the power source, and a display and image sensor. These sensors range from custom wireless radios to motion sensors for eye tracking and image stabilization.

The CTO & CO-Founder of the company, Mike Wiemer shares that they’re making something that is ” actually less intrusive.”

It’s connecting you to the information you want, when you want it. The rest of the time it’s off. – Mike Wiemer

I sure hope that’s the case, Mike.


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