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In one of our stories published last year it was noted that THC was found on a meteorite that had been found in Nevada. The team of Hawaiian researchers were surprised to find trace levels of THC in this meteorite. is this proof that aliens smoke weed?

If you’ve smoked cannabis for a while, you know that smoking isn’t the best for your health. If aliens did smoke cannabis? How would they do it? What would they use? For starters, I don’t see aliens smoking bud. I see them vaporizing it. Why? They fly on a plane of technology that is far beyond ours. We have high tech vaporizers that they would probably laugh at compared to what they could inhale from. But i’d venture to say they’d vaporize, not smoke.

You can read the “TCH Found on Meteorite” article here.

Spaceships. UFO’s? These levels of technology utilized by other civilizations are definitely far beyond ours. This is why I believe if an alien from another dimension were to consume cannabis they would vaporize it, and use the best vaporizer they could find.

I recently came across the Davinci IQ vaporizer and was shocked at how high tech this thing is. How well thought through it is.

As a technologist I like to understand how things work, and what makes them better. This vaporizer has surprised me to the point where I got one and use it personally. The precise temperature control, connection to the flavor chamber and so much more made me think “There’s nothing better for cannabis than this.” So check it out, and let me know what you think.

I thought to myself, surely if aliens were to consume cannabis they would use a Davinci to do so. Check this video out. It’s the highest tech vaporizer on the market by far:

Get the IQ Vaporizer From DaVinci by Clicking Here Use this link above for $30 off. Then use the code “breathhacker” for another 10% off!
  • This is The world’s first pocketable vaporizer, the first glass on glass vaporizer, and now on device dosage and the air dial feature of the IQ2.

Dosage Calculator + Algorithm—What makes this work & how?

  • The algorithm uses numerous variables including strain potency and the amount of herb in the oven, in combination with duration, temperature, and draw time. Each draw in a session is measured and tracked by a diaphragm inside the DAVINCI IQ2. These calculations of THC/CBD output are displayed on the 51 LED light grid. The device communicates the THC/CBD output per draw, and gives a full report at the end of each session. All connected through the app.
  • Temperature control—What makes this work & how?

    The glass lined alumina ceramic oven is embedded with heating elements designed for utmost precision and even heating. The device is “pinged” 200 times per second, which ensures an accurate temperature reading. The ceramic oven heats slowly and evenly for -/+ 1 degree precision temperature control. 

Smart Path Technology—What makes this work & how?

  • Preset Smart Paths are programmed to be straight-forward for all users, from novice to connoisseur. Vaporizing at different temperatures allows users to experience a range of effects like focus, pain relief, and relaxation. A mode per ailment use. Get the most out of cannabis.

Smart Path Technology Explained

  • A Smart Path is an automated session with optimized temperatures and durations. Higher temperature Smart Paths assist in rest and relaxation, and lower temperature Smart Paths stimulate the mind and body, and enhance flavor.
  • Where did the idea & need for the technology come from?
    • Some users don’t know what temperature to start vaping at. We developed Smart Paths so these users can have an optimized experience.

Clean First technology:  “Our Clean First technology offers a pure, health conscious way to consume cannabis. Clean first technology is tech created with cleanliness as its top priority so as to not offgas harmful compounds that are then delivered to its user.

DaVinci vaporizers evenly heat herbs with no combustion in a glass lined ceramic bowl, and the vapor travels through a sealed zirconia and glass pathway. This means none of what you inhale touches any fire, metals or plastics, ever.”

Get the IQ Vaporizer From DaVinci by Clicking Here Use this link above for $30 off. Then use the code “breathhacker” for another 10% off!

Check this thing out in the overview here:

Get the IQ Vaporizer From DaVinci by Clicking Here Use this link above for $30 off. Then use the code “breathhacker” for another 10% off!
Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

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