Judging from reports, it appears that UFO sightings have increased over the past few months.

The bizarre bright orbs are starting to gain notoriety as they are coming closer and closer to the ground. This particular UFO phenomenon is becoming clearer every day, but there is still no answer from the military or government who totally ignore this situation.

Why is there no answer to what is happening? Aren’t they picking the same stuff on ground radar? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

After so many reports concerning strange flying orbs over dense populated areas, there is still no reply from the official agencies that should investigate into this matter, making the case likely to be their own doing – either that, or the bright UFOs have really advanced stealth system.

As shown in the following video, a man from LA is distressed because of these peculiar events. After recording them before, he succeeded in capturing a wonderful close-up of two bright UFOs playing over Los Angeles, in the vicinity of his house.

What makes the footage so interesting is the relatively low distance of the orbs to the ground, thus allowing for a clear view of the emanating light as well as the tricky maneuvers they perform.


The footage was captured by a UFO enthusiast who doesn’t receive too much attention on his Youtube channel, even though the videos posted show amazing evidence of UFO activity over the US. The man filmed two playful orbs that were closer to the ground than usual.

A strong pulsating light can be observed, along with an intense green color emanating from one of the flying devices. Most features of this encounter point towards the same bright orbs reported in different parts of the world however, they appear to be much closer to the ground.

What these mysterious orbs are, and what their plan is remains a mystery for now, but the future will reveal more conclusive information and we might eventually link them to solid earthly events involving UFOs, abductions, military technology or even aliens.

Until then, our quest remains unchanged – to make as many people aware as we can. The phenomenon is absolutely real and is intensifying. Stay vigilant!

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