Many people have realized by now that the official agencies are constantly hiding relevant aspects from the rest of the population, but what happens when their own people turn to whistleblowers or reveal classified information?

When someone leaks secret information, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in an official manner. That said, inside people can offer hints that point towards the obvious truth.

For almost a year, astronaut Scott Kelly has been tweeting fabulous photos of Earth seen from above, more precisely from the International Space Station (ISS).

On Sunday however, he tweeted a photo revealing something fascinating – a huge UFO floating in the vicinity of the station.

In the upper right of the photo, a colossal spaceship-like object can be observed and while Scott Kelly didn’t let anything unusual to be seen in his tweet, he might had pointed at it deliberately. If we look at his tweet: Once upon a star over Southern India, it could be interpreted as “up a star” or above the star. Even though skeptics might not agree with such an interpretation, we strongly believe that he indeed left a huge hint for humanity.


Is this UFO a spaceship of some sort? Does this reveal extraterrestrial activity near or with the ISS? Is Scott Kelly trying to send us an obvious message?

If you hope for NASA to answer these questions, you might have to wait for some time because no comment or explanation has been offered so far, and it most probably won’t come so, without an official confirmation, people will most likely deny the obvious truth once again.

Until further evidence, we can only speculate and once again analyze the recent UFO cases encountered near or at the ISS: Similar spacecraft lands with the ISS, 9-foot tall alien meeting with ISS astronauts, ISS blue screen pop up when a supposed UFO makes its presence noticed plus some other great sightings from space near official NASA missions.

Refresh your memory if you must and consider the fact that we might not be alone.