Shamanistic practices are believed to predate all organized religions on Earth, and certainly date back to the Neolithic period. Features of shamanism are found in the organized religions that followed, mostly in their mystic and symbolic practices.

Greek paganism was influenced by shamanism with some practices being later adopted into the Roman religion, but with the coming of Christianity, shamanic influences and the use of psychedelic substances were literally wiped out. Starting with 400 AC, the Christian church played the key role in the collapse of the Greek and Roman religions.

The shaman had a unique way of looking at things. First, he would engage in a trance with the help of psilocybin which is a psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms, all together known as psilocybin mushrooms. Then, the shaman would make contact with otherworldly spirits as he is a master of trans-dimensional travel, and these spirits would give him information.


An interesting thing to note about the shamans is that they’ve embraced the UFO idea. They know about this phenomenon, they’ve seen it and probably even made contact with alien beings. However, these mystic practitioners have different knowledge of UFOs compared to the rest of the western world. They believe that the bright appearances performing law-defying maneuvers across the sky are in fact mystical beings residing here on Earth.

The shamans found this out through countless travels into the spirit realm (which might also be available for us through the use of specific substances), and the interesting part is that whenever they return to that realm, they encounter the same “spirits” who offer them universal knowledge and understanding. Since most places on our planet remain unexplored, it’s easy to see how otherworldly beings can find shelter under the oceans, inside Earth’s crevices, or even deep inside the crust.

Is it possible that shamans found enlightenment through mystic beings that we refer to today as aliens? Could some of the dynamic appearances depicted as UFOs be in fact alien beings who reside on our planet in order to study human behavior? Is it possible that Christianity purposely wiped the shamans so that the world will forever lose its only practitioners capable of communicating with alien beings?


Today, the percentage of shaman practitioners has collapsed. However, a shaman union still exists and each year they meet to commune with the spirits and preserve the universal balance of our planet.


The “Call of 13 Shamans” is a four-day ceremony where Shamans from all corners of the world gather near the village of Khorum-Dag, a sacred place known as the spiritually charged center point of the Asian continent. The ceremony corresponds with natural cosmic cycles and its main goal is to help preserve harmony between humanity and the universe.