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A heated debate started when more footage of UFOs near the Apollo17 mission has surfaced.

Apollo 17 was the final mission of the US’ Apollo program that landed the first astronauts on the surface of the Moon in 1972. During the 12-day lunar mission, the crew took over 8,400 photos of moon and space, available on Flickr and on Nasa’s website.

Years after the photos were released, UFO hunters found peculiar sightings in some of the pictures, strongly resembling to space crafts of unknown origins. While skeptics always try to dismantle the ET story, there is strong evidence and reasoning coming from the UFO community disagreeing completely with the usual lens flare, reflection or celestial object explanations.

Researcher and analyst of bizarre phenomenon, Robert Morningstar, has recently revealed on Coast to Coast AM, pictures highlighting a presumed UFO passing behind the Lunar Excursion Module while it was being deployed to the lunar surface from Apollo 17. Besides the spectacular caption of the glowing UFO, it also shows a reflected reaction of an astronaut aboard the Apollo 17 at the sight of the space craft. According to Morningstar:

It is, to me, the most stunning piece of film to come out of the Apollo program


Morningstar claimed that he will have the entire disclosing footage available somewhere around Christmas. Until then, he shared some exclusive photos of the peculiar sighting and dismissed any concerns regarding the UFO being an illusion or reflection as it clearly appears to be self-luminous in the video he will reveal in the upcoming month.


The recent findings deepen the Apollo17 mystery, adding up to the already existing photos showing curious floating objects around the lunar module. In a previous attempt to tell about the extraterrestrial presence, a vigilant UFO analyst revealed yet another picture of a UFO similar to the one posted above. It appeared in the official photos released by the astronauts on the Apollo missions. Could there be a connection between these two cases considering the clear similitude found in both the shape and lights of the objects?


At a closer look, its triangle shape can be observed.


Other reports concerning the Apollo 17 mission revealed the presence of a strange disk-shaped object just behind the lunar module, but this time after it landed on the Moon’s surface. It appears in only one picture and its “stalking behavior” is similar to a military craft sent to surveil an area invaded by foreign entities. As UFO researcher Scott C. Waring mentioned in a post:

This UFO is following the lunar module, because a military ship sent to measure any security threat that the humans may pose. Like all countries around the world, when a ship enters your territory, its met with military craft.


After the Apollo 17 mission came to an end, several records set by previous flights were overcome, including the longest lunar landing flight, the largest lunar sample return, the longest total lunar surface covered by extravehicular activities, and also the longest time in lunar orbit. Apart from this, Apollo 17 remains the most recent manned Moon landing, with no other astronauts setting foot out there since 1972.

The large amount of days this mission lasted, as well as the fact that no other manned missions have been engaged until then raises a lot of question marks.

 Is it possible that the astronauts encountered a secret lunar base on the Moon? If so, did aliens restrict human access to the Moon’s surface? Why would the Apollo 17 mission gather so much evidence, take so many pictures, and then never return to explore the natural satellite orbiting our planet?

Whatever the case, the above images clearly indicate some sort of ET presence and while it’s still impossible to prove that the astronauts were intercepted by ET beings, the reality of UFOs appearing in many stages of the Apollo 17 mission might be sufficient enough for some to believe that NASA might have a secret pact with aliens and they are not letting us know about it.

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