How often do we look at the sky? And how many times does the sky offer relevant sightings?

If you usually check for strange phenomenon in the sky and receive no feedback, it’s probably because you’re not stubborn enough. Waiting for the right sightings to appear might be tricky considering the wide expanse of the sky, but it will eventually reveal the most fascinating things.

From shooting stars to UFO formations, the sky can surprise even the skeptics with its fabulous appearances. Investigating on our own can bring great benefits to ourselves and to the rest of the UFO community, as is the case of UFO Lou, an UFO enthusiast and analyst. During the past few years, this guy managed to film a lot of interesting UFOs and space phenomenon using a P8079HP night vision tube.

As you will see in the following video, the night sky is full of activity. It reveals how different shaped UFOs fly over Earth either on their own or in full formation. Some of them have a luminous tail, while others are pulsating or performing extreme maneuvers that are impossible for our earthly crafts.

 Even though not everything you see in the video is an actual space craft, some particularities are to be noted in order to better distinguish between the different sightings. The large group of shapes in the sky strongly resembles to a flock of birds, while the UFO with a luminous tail can be explained as a fighter jet. Apart from these distractions, the bright orbs so popular nowadays are also present in the video and also a fascinating sighting of a speeding UFO.

In the end of the clip, Mr. Lou highlights a few commercial planes in order to see the huge difference in shape, color and altitude between our earthly crafts and the rest of the UFOs surprised by his night vision camera. Thinking on a larger scale, the night sky is always full of such bizarre crafts.

They travel the world without any fear for boarders or official authorities stopping them. While it is hard to imagine that such sightings were not detected using ground radar technology by now, we tend to believe that they are intelligent and somehow manage to dodge our earthly technology.


Are these crafts coming from Earth or from outer space? From what we know, military technology is well ahead of our time, so the possibility of these coming from Earth is also considered. Do they have bases here on Earth? If we look at the vast amount of unexplored land, also desolate or hard to reach places, this idea doesn’t seem far from reality either.

Are we looking at physically controlled crafts or is it possible that someone is flying them using a remote? Judging by the extreme maneuvers, they could be intelligently controlled, but because we see the UFOs at a very high altitude, it’s either possible for them to be piloted or remote controlled somewhere from space or from a structure orbiting Earth.

The possibility for them being AI devices is also not far from reality, with the ongoing technological progress such a scenario would be quite plausible. Until we find out more details about these UFOs, we can only speculate using what we have, but each day analyzing the phenomenon is a day in the right direction. Keep your eyes on the night sky!