As crazy at this might sound, a donut-shaped UFO made its appearance near the International Space Station (ISS) and was seen on live broadcast until NASA decided to terminate the transmission (as usual).

The unusual UFO sighting comes two days after a similar event witnessed in Thailand, on November 25th, when three donut UFOs were recorded on video while hovering over the urban area of Bangkok. Are these two sightings somehow related? Is it possible that they belong to the same fleet? And most important, does this have anything to do with the controversial tweet of astronaut Scott Kelly?

In case you missed it, astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted an astounding view of Earth from the ISS. However, what was even more impressive was the bizarre UFO (top right of the screen) that could be clearly observed in the vicinity of the station. After a few days NASA released a report stating that it was only “a reflection” of  light behind the astronaut, but since we don’t dig official explanations, we tend to believe that Scott Kelly deliberately pointed the camera at the UFO, and here are more reasons that back up our beliefs.


On November 23rd, only a few days after the disputed UFO tweet, a mysterious donut-shaped object appeared in sight of the ISS. After a short while, the live transmission was terminated and the blue screen popped up. Why is this interruption occurring if what we’re seeing is only an anomaly?

When things were settling down, another sighting (apparently of the same donut UFO) was reported a few days ago. Seen from the ISS, the mysterious craft made a shy approach before slowly disappearing into space. If it was another anomaly or an actual craft we are yet to find out, but considering the previous events involving similar (if not identical) sightings, it’s likely that the floating donuts are a real phenomenon, involving real crafts, and not some reflection, lost space junk or swamp gas.

Do you believe this to be an explainable phenomenon? If so, what could it be? And how come there are three reports of similar donut-shaped UFOs appearing after a few days from one another? Did astronaut Scott Kelly predict this to happen?