At, we check out any reports or sightings said to occur on a daily basis, but also take time to research the past, because if often holds more answers (though questions too) and advanced technology than present times.

The 70s represented a time period when UFO sightings and bizarre discoveries were taken seriously and reported by the media, and people simply weren’t feeling the need to hoax these events.

One such case is that of a bright metal ball found by a family in their back yard in March 1974. At first, they didn’t report it and took some time to observe and study it. They thought it was a medieval cannon projectile due to the Spanish occupation of the land before the year 1600.

The strange sphere was first animated by music, as it started rolling around the floor by itself when Terry, the family’s 21 year old son was playing his guitar. Amazed, the parents put it on the table. Where it continued to roam around and somehow managed to contain itself without falling off.


Then the family remembers an episode when the doors started closing by themselves and music resembling an organ started playing. That is when they decided to seek help, because no family member was ever in possession of a similar musical instrument.

They also discovered the ball responded to natural heat, as bright sunny days often resulted in more activity than cloudy or rainy ones, but it didn’t respond in any way to artificial heat projected upon it.

The first man outside the Betz family who got to see the strange object was a photographer named Lou Anger, working for the Jacksonville Journal. He watched the ball propel itself through the room before stopping right in front of him, like a happy dog. After the story was made public, the media made it a headliner and almost everybody was certain mankind had stumbled upon some kind of alien drone, taking samples from our planet and studying our species.


The metal ball was subjected to a number of examinations in Louisiana at an institution called Omega Minus One. Dr. Carl Willison, who was in charge of the operation, was first amazed to discover that the sphere had not one, but three or sometimes even four magnetic poles.

No object of any nature with these particularities has ever been found on Earth. Then they found that the ball’s inner density wasn’t a constant either, varying widely following a strange and asymmetrical pattern. At the time, the world’s most accomplished physicists failed to explain or even understand the phenomenon.

But the most interesting part was yet to come. An X-ray taken on the strange ball showed three other spheres inside, just like those Russian wooden dolls. After all these bizarre findings, the metal itself was tested and found to be somewhat similar to stainless steel, but still different and of unknown nature or provenience.

So, where is the mysterious metallic sphere today? No one knows. Soon after the examination, the media hype suddenly stopped and the subject faded into obscurity. Nothing has been heard since and the Betz family is nowhere to be found either.

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