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Paul Hellyer was Canadian Minister of Defense in 1960s. When he retired he started openly sharing with the world that alien life is not only present on Earth today, but that at least four species have been visiting us for thousands of years. In fact, he claims that proof of alien life is so overwhelming that scientists have to purposefully ignore it if they choose to publicly dismiss it. 

In 2014, Hellyer was interviewed by RT, and in less than half an hour he shares all the important informational bits to know about proof of alien life on Earth in the past and today. 

Here are the top facts he wants you to know.

UFO Evidence  

UFOs have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. They brought at least four different alien species, and have landed all around the world. 

During the Cold War, there were 50 UFOs seen at one time flying in formation across the world, but they turned around and disappeared over the North Pole. 

Recently, UFO sightings have been confirmed by multiple witnesses and radar. Even though 8 out of 10 UFO sightings are not UFOs, but if one researchers more, there are plenty of real ones. 

Hellyer himself gets messages all the time from people who either witnessed a UFO, or had an alien encounter.

Why Are There More Encounters Today?

The last few decades had more UFO activity, because aliens are concerned about the future of Earth after the creation of the atomic bomb. Because everything is interconnected, if humans destroy ourselves or Earth, it will affect others. 

Scientists who do not believe in UFOs must be turning a blind eye on purpose. 

“[If scientists have seen] even 10 percent of what I found in the last 10 years, they would be as convinced as I am.” 

Types of Alien Species

Hellyer’s sources say there are about 80 alien species who have contacted Earth. Different aliens species have different agendas, come to help us, others to control. Some may just be curious. Most are benevolent. 

They come not only in other solar systems, but in our solar system as well on one of Saturn’s many moons. Some live on Venus, and some on Mars. 

Some aliens do walk on Earth in disguise. Tall Whites aliens, for example, have been working with U.S. air force in Nevada. 

Charles Hall during his work for the air force has created a good relationship with a Tall White about which he fully shares in his book Millennial Hospitality. Hall describes Tall Whites as curious beings, who love the area near Las Vegas. If you camp out there, you may lose your belonging or time. Tall Whites are skinny and fragile, so they are well armed in case they have to protect themselves. They are scared of humans, so be gentle with your approach if you ever meet one.

Why Are They Not Helping Us?

In our solar system there is a group called the Federation, who makes the rules for all alien beings living there. The main rule is that they cannot interfere in human affairs unless they are invited to do so. 

If there were to help us, there would be a lot more technological advances. They have technology much more advanced than ours and would love to share it if we were not so obsessed with war. They would be concerned that we would turn their knowledge into making weapons. 

Some devices already came from ET connections. LED lights, bulletproof vests and microchips came from aliens. They could share a lot of medical devices if we were ready and open to it.

Right now, while the world as a whole does not seem ready, they find individual people who are not afraid of them to communicate with directly and share information.

What’s Next?

An alien invasion is a possibility, but only likely if we keep trying to shoot UFOs down without even asking who they are and why they came. 

“We should work with the benign species, which is vast majority…There is no point of us developing a galactic force.”

Watch the whole interview:

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