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Peru is widely known as one of the most mystical and enticing UFO hotspots in the world, and is home to the world famous Nazca Lines, a series of drawings that many believe to be a landing spot and a guide for ancient intergalactic spacecraft.

Recently, the treasure trove of UFO evidence that resides in the mountainous South American country of nearly 32 million people received a new addition: a dossier of 143 additional, “huge” ancient drawings, that were discovered by scientists in a remarkably high tech way.

The drawings cover a wide range of subjects that call to mind visions of alien beings and many other fascinating items that could shed even more light on the hidden history of this haven for “ancient aliens.”

After years of searching, the massive new figures are finally being unveiled — and it could change everything we know about the history of those who reside in the region (both human and extraterrestrial).

Massive Ancient Drawings Uncovered in Peru

Newly discovered figures in the Nazca Region by Japanese researchers.

The drawings, which were discovered with the help of satellites and AI, are part of the aforementioned Nazca region, and trace back some 2,000 years ago, researchers said.

One of the most prominent discoveries is a gigantic humanoid figure that was identified by an AI model. The size of the figure is consistent with other discoveries in the region, ranging from five to 100 meters in length, in other words, many are large enough to be seen from high above the Earth, perhaps by ancient astronauts.

The figure and others in the area were found by a team led by Masato Sakai, a cultural anthropologist at Yamagata University in Japan, which has spent years hunting for geoglyphs during onsite expeditions while also tirelessly examining high-resolution images of the famous Lines taken from space.

Among the newly discovered figures are people, birds, monkeys, fish, reptiles, and more abstract designs, according to a report from Vice.

Nazca Lines, Peru Drawings and the Alien Connection

While the jury is still out on what the Nazca Lines actually represent, many ancient astronaut theorists strongly suspect an alien and UFO connection to the Lines and drawings in Peru, because of their sheer size, humanoid figures, and the way they extend for miles and miles over a vast, empty section with seemingly no purpose other than to signal to those above.

One theory posits that the markings have an extraterrestrial connection; perhaps the people of the region created them as tributes to the alien “Gods” that visited them from the skies above in extraterrestrial crafts (such cave drawings of humanoid figures and disk-shaped crafts are common across the world).

According to the popular Ancient Aliens series, the area was abandoned nearly 2,000 years ago, and remains of the ancient Nazca people have been found with strange, elongated skulls.

The question is whether or not these skulls, as well as the “humanoid,” alien-like figures being discovered century-after-century, are evidence of the “sky legends” described by the Ancients of the region.

Peru: An Intergalactic Starport from Ancient Times?

With a landscape calling to mind the vast, arid deserts of Nevada and Area 51 in a certain sense, Peru is a must-visit for UFO, alien, and ancient archaeology enthusiasts.

On the border of Peru and Bolivia lies yet another hotspot for Ufologists and alien enthusiasts alike: Lake Titicaca and its “Gate of the Gods,” purported to be a “Stargate” of sorts that has mystified visitors from around the world for countless years.

Shamans continue to visit this alleged stargate as they have for generation after generation, according to Ancient Aliens.

The structure is a giant doorway carved into solid rock, a “gateway that doesn’t seem to go anywhere,” suspended 14,000 feet above sea level. The stargate was said to have been activated by a “golden disk” that fell from the sky.

Put it all together and you have the makings of potential real world, intergalatic stargate — a place of fascination for UFOlogists and archeology buffs alike.

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