Corey Goode, a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider, has released some compelling new intelligence data. He asserts that there are competing groups fighting over how, what, and when to disclose information about UFOs and SSPs to the public. 

Goode tweeted: 

in this tweet, Goode confirms that US special forces joint covert operations are participating in the arrests and detentions of all parties involved in human trafficking, including CIA operators [AIC/yelgnaL<-]. These covert operations were put into action thanks to an Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump on December 27, 2017. 

Goode then describes the battle between the different White Hat groups that comprise the Earth/SSP Alliance:

This dispute between the different groups is over which out of, between, 2-6 agendas should be implemented for the fate of humanity’s future

Goode’s reference to the averted attempt to divide and conquer the Q movement likely refers to an August 14 video by Redpill78 exposing an individual named Austin Steinbart claiming to be Q, as a LARPer. The video has since been removed from YouTube. 

Particularly pertinent is Goode’s mention of “internal battle over Disclosures”. This informs us that as a result of competing groups with their own unique agendas, there are unprecedented UFO disclosure initiatives being taken by Congress, the Pentagon, and the mainstream media. 

Goode went on to explain how this alliance between the White hat secret space programs have been mostly in hiding. This is known as the SSP Alliance, which has coalesced around the US Navy’s Solar Warden program. Goode had actually began working with this US Navy program back in March 2015. The concealment was largely due to the assasination of the SSP Alliance’s high level asset, the Sigmund. This hit was performed by the Cabal/Deep State, via a SSP named the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

According to Goode’s tweet, despite the Alliance going dark, they have remained very active in infiltrating and sabotaging the ICC: 

Goode, again, makes reference to the competing agendas in a “‘Disclosure’ narratives battle?” His reference to the inability of the SSP Alliance to get information about the “Global Defense Grid” is very concerning. This indicates that thus far, the Cabal/Deep State/ICC has succeeded in shielding its construction of a real life Skynet utilizing corporations such as Space X.

Goode goes on to reveal the happenings of the “Dark Fleet” (DF) are to be unveiled by the SSP Alliance in 2021. The dark fleet is a secret space program that was created by a German breakaway group in Antarctica that relocated to Mars in the 1960s.

In February 2018, there had been rumors circulating that an agreement had been reached between the Dark Fleet and the Trump administration’s Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. This agreement allegedly stated that the German program would be revealed, and revolutionary aerospace technologies would be disclosed to the public arena.

If the information was accurate, then the agreement was not implemented, likely due to Deep State/ICC resistance. Conceivably, it is the erosion of the Deep State/ICC, through the succession of setbacks Goode has revealed, making it possible for such an agreement to be executed. The truth about the Dark Fleet could finally be disclosed to the world.

Arguably, it is not coincidental that the Shadowgate documentary had been released, showing the power and reach of multinational corporations in large technological influence operations throughout the world.

Lastly is Goode’s tweet on a secret CIA [AIC<-] naval battle group that has been “mostly captured” by Earth alliance after its crew mutinied.

This is the same naval group that masterminded the false flag missile attack on Hawaii on January 13, 2018, that was meant to begin a nuclear war between the US and North Korea. This was intended to draw China into the battle, thus, leading to World War III. However, the enemy missile was head off by a US Air Force run SSP.

Goode revealed that the remainder of the CIA naval group has found shelter in China. He also says that there is a possibility of a grand coup there and/or possibly another false flag attempt. This would intend to spark a nuclear war between China and the US. Space Force. 

Goodes intelligence proposes that we are in the final stages of a tremendous battle between opposing forces, each in control of their own SSPs.

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