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By Abigail O’Rourke

“Whistleblowers” are just part of our everyday life now it seems. Whether you view them as traitors to the state or heroes of the people one thing is sure. Edward Snowden is a household name. Ever since the Great “Snowstorm”, the social climate has proven fertile for one whistleblower after another to come forward with shocking information. Are they all credible? Likely not. But many undoubtedly are, and until we know all the facts, which is very unlikely for a long time to come, each one should be given the benefit of the doubt and their story investigated. 

There has been ongoing speculation as to whether or not the moon landing was legitimate. Their is further argument as to whether the public footage is real or fake on its own merit. But what about other space missions launched by NASA? How much of what is “public knowledge” is actual fact?

Recently, a new whistleblower has stepped forward. Wanting only to be known as “Jackie”, the woman called into a West Coast radio station with an interesting story.

“Jackie’s” Story

“Jackie” claims to have been on the telemetry team for the 1976 Mars Lander Mission. One day she and a coworker were downstairs gathering data when the cameras on one of the two landers captured two men in suits approaching the lander. “Jackie” claims the suits were protective, but not as bulky as regular space suits. Confused, the pair ran upstairs to the main office to confer with their bosses about what the camera was picking up.

When they reached the upper office, the door was locked and the windows were covered. …and there ends “Jackie’s” story.

“Jackie” certainly has her share of detractors and doubters. First, the anonymity of the whistleblower prevents confirmation that she was a real NASA employee. Second, she refrains from giving a lot of technical details, seemingly betraying a lack of knowledge.

Perhaps, though, “Jackie” fears for her life. Afterall, linking whistleblowers and conspiracy investigators to untimely, suspicious deaths is historically common.

This all leads us to the most important questions of all:

  • Was the Mars Lander mission real or fake?
  • Was the mission real but the footage faked for convenience?
  • Who were the “men” that “Jackie” saw approaching the lander?
  • Were they humans of Earth or another race of humanoid or AI?
  • If they were humans, were those humans (and hence the Lander) on Earth or on Mars?

We are officially taught many things. Just because we are taught something does not mean it is true. Humans were taught that drilling a hole in your head eased headaches. We now know that is NOT true. We are officially taught three key things in school. There is no life beyond Earth. There is no life on Mars. Humans have never been to Mars.

However, if “Jackie” is telling the truth, then who approached the Mars Lander camera? And where was that camera in fact located?

Is it possible that the Lander cameras were simply not good enough to project a decent image to satisfy the public and so NASA approved for a similar feed to be set up in a remote area of the desert here in America? This is highly dishonest but very possible. But what else could this mean?

Was the Lander mission secretly manned? If so by whom? The landers never returned to Earth. If this was a manned mission, it was clearly a permanent assignment. Or was it? Are we in contact, as many believe, with extraterrestrials of various origins? Did we meet with some on Mars in 1976? If so, for what purpose? Lastly, the biggest question of all: What does NASA know, and why are they hiding things from us?

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