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A moon rock given to the Dutch prime minister by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronauts has turned out to be fake.

Neil and Aldrin, allegedly the first astronauts on the moon gave the country of Holland a “moon rock” that turned out to be Petrified wood.

Curators at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, found that the “lunar rock”, valued at £308,000, was in fact petrified wood. This “artifact” was attracting 10’s of thousands of visitors each year. That’s a lot of money on the tourism table.

Overseeing the investigation, Xandra van Gelder, shared that the museum would continue to keep the stone as a curiosity.

She states: “It’s a good story, with some questions that are still unanswered,” she said. “We can laugh about it.”

Perpetuating a lie. A bit strange to me. But once again, those tourism dollars are on the table.

The rock was originally given to Willem Drees, a former Dutch leader, during a tour with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins following their moon mission 50 years ago.

A former American ambassador to the Netherlands, J. William Middendorf, made the presentation to Mr Drees and the rock was then donated to the Rijksmuseum after his death in 1988.

“I do remember that Drees was very interested in the little piece of stone. But that it’s not real, I don’t know anything about that,” Mr Middendorf said.

Nasa gave moon rocks to more than 100 countries following lunar missions in 1969 and the 1970s. This begs the question, how many of these are fake? how many are real? Are all fake?

The United States Embassy is proceeding with an investigation into the affair. But so far nothing has come of it.

“It’s a nondescript, pretty-much-worthless stone,” said Frank Beunk, a geologist involved in the investigation.

This is just another story in the countless unanswered questions that beg the question, was the moon landing staged or faked in any way? If the “moon rocks” turned out to be petrified wood, maybe the video footage is all fake also.

Take a look at a minute clip below. Look at how buoyant this astronaut is. Its as if he has strings hoisted to his body. Even with a different level of gravity this still looks incredibly odd.

Watch: The Most Compelling Video Evidence The Moon Landing Was Staged

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