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The Vatican has many secrets. They own much more real estate, gold and wealth than most can imagine. They also have access to documents that date up to 12 centuries (1,200 years) back. History that has been scrubbed or modified by big tech companies.

To give you a little history, did you know that the Vatican city is the smallest city in the world? it encompasses about 100 acres and shares a 2-mile border with Italy.

Being the smallest city in the world may be one way to contain a lot of wealth and secrets (information the public hasn’t seen) while staying out of the spotlight.

The Vatican and Vatican city have a lot to protect, which is most likely why they hired the Swiss Guard as a mercenary force. The Swiss Guard protects the pope and these soldiers are extensively trained and highly skilled marksmen.

There’s a lot to cover up, a lot to protect and a lot they don’t want us, the general public to know.

13 Secrets the Vatican Doesn’t want you to know:

  1. The Vatican works with the international association of exorcists, founded in 1990 in Rome, Italy.

    This group performs exorcisms to expel evil spirits. They perform hundreds of thousands of exorcisms a year. One priest claims to have performed 130,000 exorcisms in his lifetime. Or are they?
  2. This Odd Creature (appears to be a warewolf) is Kept on Display at The Vatican.

    Archibald Waters wandered off the beaten path at the Vatican and found this strange warewolf looking creature in a room at the Vatican. He has the emails to prove that he did in fact visit. No one knows what it is or how to describe it.

3. The Vatican Bank Was Used To Launder $900 Million in Counterfeit Bonds and Securities For The Mafia.

More corruption was found with fake charity accounts, money laundering and embezzlement. Multiple priests were found to be supporting the mafia with the Vatican bank. Who knows what the Vatican bank has been involved with since then?

4. The Vatican Smuggled Nazis To Safety in South America

The Vatican and Red Cross were both responsible for helping to smuggle Nazis out of Germany in search of safety after World War 2. It is said the Red Cross with support from the Vatican helped over 100,000 people and 90% of ex-nazis fled Europe via Italy with their help. They provided them with false identities. Pope Francis promised to bring answers to this in 2020, this year, but I doubt we’ll hear anything.

5. They Helped To Facilitate in The Rwandan Genocide in 1994

According to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide people were killed in churches. Different “Fathers” (as they call them) and sisters led the murderers to where people where and this led to mass executions.

6. Pope John VIII is Really Pope Joan (A Woman)

Pope Joan was elected after the death of the previous pope. She had traveled from Athens and through a series of dares found herself elected as Pope. After falling pregnant, she gave birth in the middle of the road. After found out she was dragged miles behind a horse till her death.

7. Sexual Abuse Cases

Cases emerged in the mid-1980’s in the US, and in Ireland, Ausria and Europe in the 1990’s. With no policy in effect to protect children the Vatican city has done nothing to circumvent this issue. The Boston Globe newspaper was pivotal in creating a big push in breaking these stories.

8. Vatican City is the Crime Capital of the World.

1,000 Residents with a crime rate of 1.5 crimes per citizen. 110 acres as the smallest country in the world. There are huge crowds of tourists that flock to the city each year, which make it a pick-pocket paradise. There is no prison in the city, they are simply thrown out of the city into Italy as a pact between the two countries.

9. The Vatican City is Practically An Alcoholic Playground

The average resident of the Vatican consumes 74 Litres of wine each year. That’s doublet hat of Italy and France, and SIX times as much as the average american. They drink wine, and have sacramental wine at communion often.

10. Pope Benedict XVI The 16th Was a Nazi

He was drafted into the German aircraft core and once formed the Hitler youth. He was elected pope in 2005.

11. The Duplessis Orphan Scandal

In the 1930’s and 1940’s there was an era ushered in Quebec that created an unprecedented amount of corruption. They systematically diagnosed orphans with mental orphans that they didn’t actually have. Orphans were compensated $1.25 per day, mental patients were given $2.75 per day. Many endured unnecessary abuse, lobotomy, and more.

Many brought attention to their story and demanded compensation. The Canadian (Quebec) Government did grant a monetary settlement eventually.

12. The Vatican Secret Court

A secret court that the pope and tribunals head decide on the punishment and the meetings are held in private.

13. Vatican Secret Archives

53 Miles of shelves containing 12 centuries (1,200 years) of information and documents that are only seen by selected eyes. There are claims that there is proof of ET life and proof that Jesus did not exist in these archives.

Imagine that if this is what the public knows, what more is there?

Dark Secrets of The Vatican

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