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By Abigail O’Rourke

Parenting at its best is full of disaster after mishap after catastrophe; but it is also full of joy and love and connecting with your children as they learn and grow. Any parents who have lost a child for one reason or another can tell you in great detail about the pain, confusion and loneliness this generates.

Who Are Hybrid Parents?

Sadly, there is an entire demographic in our society that gets no comfort, help or empathy whatsoever. In fact, they are more likely to be laughed at than supported for their stories. Who are they? The hybrid parents. These individuals are part of an ongoing social and genetic experiment. Depending on who you talk to, this may or may not be for the good of society. These individuals may be unaware for a long time that they have children, actual children connected to them genetically, that they do not get to see, raise or hear from. Many never know because they are just not aware of the symptoms or fail to put 2 and 2 together. These may be the lucky ones of the bunch. It is a far different story for those who are aware. These stories can be scary, sad or happy but each leaves its own emotional scar that has to be dealt with by these parents in a society that does not have an 800 number of an antidepressant prescription for that.

Are you a hybrid mother or father? If so, how did you know? If you sense something is wrong in your life and think you might be a hybrid parent, is there a checklist of signs to look for?

7 Signs You Might be a Hybrid Parent

Hybrid parents may be single or married, any gender or sexual orientation. In general, they tend to follow the pattern below:

  • Infertility. If you and your partner are attempting to have a child you may find that fertility is a little out of reach. This often stumps your doctor as there seems to be no obvious reason for the issue. In reality, you have simply been fully harvested already or you are being prevented from unguided breeding as this would tamper with the careful plans laid out for your body and genetic line.
  • You frequently dream about sexual interaction. Many hybrid parents recall being with the same person regularly in their dreams, although never having met this person in real life. These dreams frequently feature hard, table-like surfaces or detached observers. One woman frequently dreamed of meeting the same stranger at a secluded cabin where they would make love on the kitchen counter. One day at a party, she saw the stranger from her dreams. Surprisingly he recognized her as well and admitted to having identical dreams! During a therapy session, it was discovered that the “Kitchen counter” was a medical examination table on a spaceship. It turns out these strangers were a mated pair that have several children together who have undergone ET gene hybridization and are being raised on the ship.
  • Dreaming about a baby or a small child with large eyes is very common. In these dreams, you feel very connected to and responsible for the child although you can’t quite place why. Upon waking you feel very upset and may even cry for want of the baby. These dreams frequently feature a conscious belief that “people in charge” will not allow you to leave with the baby. This often triggers a sense of stress and flight mode where the point of the dream may shift to “escaping” with the baby. Some hybrid parents report that the dream takes a sudden turn from fear and distress to calm and serenity often linked to being offered something they like in a pleasant and familiar surrounding. As an example, one hybrid mother usually attempts to take the baby home but finds herself at an ice cream shop full of her favorite flavors where she immediately becomes happy and distracted and then wakes up.
  • Additionally, many hybrid parents find themselves dwelling on the babies and children they meet in their dreams. Thinking of them constantly as a parent would their child in normal life.
  • Women often experience early pregnancy symptoms that suddenly disappear without the normally resulting miscarriage.
  • The hybrid parent usually feels an overwhelming sense of purpose though they cannot explain it.
  • Oftentimes, the loss of the pregnancy symptoms or the arrival of a new “dream baby” is accompanied by an abnormally long night of sleep. Upon waking, the individual may experience a great deal of inexplicable pain in the abdominal and reproductive areas as well as random muscle pain and bruising often in the arms and legs where restraints or medicine may have been used or administered.

How to Cope

If this partial list fits you, or you are already aware of your hybrid children, what should you do? First, do not panic. Most hybrid parents eventually get to see their children from time to time. All the parents that do agree that children grow up intelligent, happy and healthy. Second, pay more attention to your dreams and their timing. Keep a journal if necessary. Finally, talk about it! Awareness is needed. If alien disclosure is close, hybrid parents certainly deserve their share of attention. Southern California and Nevada are a hot spot of sorts for some support groups for experiencers, abductees, hybrids and hybrid parents. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is slow to follow. Reach out to these groups via social media. They are few and far between but if everyone does their part to talk about it and bring it into the light we can normalize this and spread the support groups. 

It is not fair for these parents to suffer in silence. We live in a climate of speaking out and normalizing uncomfortable discussions. This should be no different. These parents, generally young people, suffer from not being with their children as they grow. They miss out on so much. No matter how positive the overall experience and the end goal may be, there is no healing the pain of not being with your children every day.

If you are a hybrid parent or think you might be, reach out to us! Let’s normalize this for everyone’s sake.

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