Although the sky is an “open-source” for most of the people living on Earth and it’s right there for everyone to see and analyze, we only stare at it for a few seconds or minutes each day. Because of the concrete cities blocking our view, and because of pollution limiting our line of sight, we miss many important things that happen above, things that would otherwise remodel our view of religion and life itself.

However, there are some UFO enthusiasts and analysts that have been scouting the sky using hi-tech cameras and scopes and fortunately for us, they didn’t mind sharing their anomalous catches. Through their work, these people bring awareness for some while enhancing the perception of others. So what are these important things they see on the sky? Well UFOs of course, or better said – conclusive proof of this phenomenon and unexplained sightings showing sign of intense activity high up there.

A couple of weeks back, UFO Lou of YouTube came up with an amazing catch of a UFO performing an impossible maneuver, claiming that it’s “100% proof” of otherworldly visitors or possibly a secret military project testing their highly advanced toys.

Recorded on Jan 13, 2016 using a p8079hp night vision device, the video reveals a UFO flying at high altitude before changing route after executing a brisk turn which appears to be impossible for any known humanly-designed craft. The peculiar sighting appeared over Melbourne, Australia, and was later discovered by Lou after reviewing the video.

The UFO is approaching from the right top corner, moving in a straight line and holding a constant speed. Right before leaving the range view of the camera, it does the most formidable thing – it changes course abruptly, stops to perform a circle turn, then it adjusts speed and furtherly travels in a different direction (going towards the right corner of the screen this time).

According to Lou, no plausible explanation has been given until now to support the claims of this UFO being something else, so the mysterious sighting remains unexplained. Could it be that Lou is right and the UFO has indeed an extraterrestrial origins? Or is it rather a more conventional type of object, creature or natural phenomenon?

After a closer analysis, we couldn’t find any discrediting info to this sighting. As the UFO is cruising at constant speed, no signaling lights can be observed, thus excluding the humanly designed plane or helicopter hypothesis. Judging by its speed, it cannot be a military jet, as those travel faster and usually in formation of two or three aircrafts. Apart from this, the changing of direction appears to be really unusual if we compare it to our earthly crafts which follow specific patterns and instructions.

Other hypothesis claim that what we see in the video is a rare sight of newly developed military jet that was taken out for a night ride. If we are to consider the technological advancement of the military, which is tens of year beyond what the general public knows, this could be indeed a prototype of a top-secret aircraft.

Other than this, the possibility of an intelligently controlled drone was also brought up to discussion. With Google’s Titan drones ready for testing, we can imagine a scenario involving such a device because the drones have a different maneuverability than a man-piloted craft. Considering the relatively low speed of the UFO and its impossible aerial maneuver, a Titan drone scenario is pretty likely, however, since Google hasn’t officially announced testing their massive toys, it remains only a speculation.

Are there other reasonable explanations that could define this mysterious UFO caught on tape? Could this be a man-made aircraft after all? Or is it rather a weather balloon or space debris?

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