But it could also be shaped like ∞.

Experts are investigating the claims of an unnamed student of the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), who says he and 14 other witnesses observed the peculiar movements of an unidentified craft shaped like the number 8.

Although the sighting happened in August 2009, it wasn’t until recently that the witness decided to make it public. The date isn’t all that important. No, the significance of this event lies in the fact that the NMMI can be found in Roswell, NM, a literal stone throw away from the place where almost 70 years ago, something big went down.

“I was going to dinner while attending NMMI,” the witness told MUFON. “I was standing in formation outside of the mess hall when someone pointed out something in the sky. We all –  about 15 of us –  could see a figure-of-eight type of craft that was sideways. It looked like NOTHING any of us had ever seen or heard of before.”

But not Ezekiel. Ezekiel's seen them plenty times.

But not Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s seen them plenty times.

Pretty standard sighting description: odd object too far in the sky to identify, yet not far enough to escape the eyewitnesses’ eyes. Without information about its exact behavior, we are left clueless regarding the UFO’s intentions. It’s unclear whether it had anything to do with the occupants of the craft that crashed or was shot down near Foster farm.

Roswell is the most famous place in UFO history. Since it first gained worldwide notoriety in 1947, Roswell has been periodically making first page in one way or another. Throughout the decades, hundreds of thousands have come to this place in search of their own answers. The town even hosts an annual UFO festival where thousands of enthusiasts dress up like E.T. Their pets get the same treatment.

Humans don't look this good halfway down an alien's digestive tract.

Humans don’t look this good halfway down an alien’s digestive tract.

Roswell is important to us. But does that make it important to them? Do the aliens from Serpo/Zeta Reticuli ever feel the need to visit this historic site? Or was the event of little importance to them?

Popular opinion is that those with a motive and the resources to match it have reverse-engineered alien devices found aboard crashed UFOs. In the case of the Roswell/Corona crashes it is believed that an extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) survived and was able to establish communications with his home planet. Before his death, the EBE was invaluable for the scientists at Alamogordo and his input is at least partially responsible for humans now piloting UFOs of their own.

Put it this way: if our sensitive technology got into the hands of sapient primates, that’s an incident we wouldn’t forget.

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It seems reasonable to think the visitors wouldn’t either.

Evidence seems to support this line of thought. Since the 1950s, more than 50 sightings have been reported in or around Roswell. A surprising number of them are attributed to ex-soldiers. Earlier this year, a former soldier in the US Army reported a UFO sighting that he and 500 other military personnel were witness to.

The anonymous veteran told MUFON that in 1971, he was sent on military maneuvers in the New Mexico desert, west of Roswell. During one night, the soldiers spotted two UFOs flying erratically in the sky above. The object’s outlines were barely visible but enough to discern that the things were circular in shape. Size was difficult to estimate because the altitude was unclear, but the objects remained visible for 4 to 5 hours. It should go without saying that this event became the week’s highlight:

“At daylight we were ordered to a location in the desert for chow (food),” the former soldier wrote. “My unit had 500 plus soldiers, we were a vulcan/chaparral air defense unit and were trained to recognize all foreign and domestic air craft flying at that time. The whole unit was discussing the UFOs.”

The source gave no other details but he did outline that the event had a personal significance to him.

This event will remain etched in my mind until I pass. Thanks for allowing me to share this experience.”

In the end, it’s hard to say whether Roswell sees more UFO activity than other places. We can be sure there are hotbeds all around the world and it’s very likely that more than a couple flying saucers have crashed during recent history.

And who could say how things would look through an outsider’s eyes?