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Such a major event was bound to attract extraterrestrial attention.

The world is in shock after Trump’s largely unexpected victory. The United States’ electorate has decided and the global effects–whether positive or bad–will soon follow. Their decision will impact the entire world and it’s only natural. But what’s more surprising is that our alien watchers have already expressed an interest in the results of the 2016 election and they decided to show up in a blazing UFO over the nation’s capital just as the vote count was presenting the winner.

The video was taken on November 9, 2016 and immediately uploaded to YouTube by a concerned citizen. It shows an unidentified object traversing the sky while leaving behind a visible trail illuminated by sunlight. The object’s size or the altitude at which it was cruising cannot be determined just by analyzing the video but there is a detail that cannot escape the trained eye and that is the object’s apparent shape.

ufo washington election day

Skeptics will claim this blazing UFO is nothing but an airliner and of course it is. It is also a weather balloon, errant swamp gas and the planet Venus. Wake up, people, aliens are here and have been for a very long time.

When the UFO banks slightly, the video zooms in and we can see that the object is crescent-shaped and bears a striking similarity to the lead flying saucer in the historic Kenneth Arnold sighting.

We have no way of finding out the intentions of the craft’s occupants, if it even had any. UFOs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, a testament to the fact that our planet is being visited by multiple extraterrestrial species from different parts of the spacetime continuum. As far as we know, the object could have even been one of our own flying saucers built using reverse-engineered alien technology. If this is the case, its presence was defiant, to say the least.

It is important to note that no jet fighters were dispatched from nearby Joint Base Andrews, located in Prince George’s County. But this information does little to shed light on the origins of this mysterious object. If it was an extraterrestrial UFO, those often go unnoticed on radar screens even when they appear clear as day in the visible spectrum. On the other hand, if its origins were terrestrial, there would be no use in the U. S. sending a squadron in pursuit of one of their own, albeit controversial and top-secret craft.

The reality is that UFO sightings occur on a daily basis. It would have been much stranger if no UFOs had been seen on the day a billionaire became president of the United States of America.