Are we looking at a mummified alien hand?

Most of the times, expert eyes can easily detect a forgery or distinguish a prop from the real deal. But this time, there was no doubt this controversial body part is indeed organic in nature.

The mummified alien hand was found alongside an elongated skull and a small body in Cusco, Peru. Details are scarce at the moment but they will undoubtedly follow once this story blows up. And it definitely will.

Allegedly, the mummified remains were found by a local man digging in a secret tunnel in the southern desert area of Peru. He does not wish to disclose the location of the tunnel at this time. Additionally, the finder wishes to maintain his anonymity and refuses to sell the strange artifacts in his possession. He only wants to shed some light on his unbelievable find.

The remnants were handed over for analysis to author Brien Foerster at Hidden Inca Tours and his findings were surprising, to say the least.

mummified elongated skull

Local physicians examined the mummified head, hand and torso and they established that all of them were indeed organic and composed of bone and skin. Those who got the chance to look at them claimed the artifacts look and feel alien.

[They] stated that it clearly was not a human, but was a life form of some kind

At the moment, plans for radiocarbon and DNA testing are being made and by the looks of it, the results will be astonishing.

For now, X-Ray images of the three-fingered appendage are hands down the most crucial piece of evidence towards the alien (or human-alien hybrid) hypothesis. The internal structure of the supposed alien hand is somewhat similar to that of a human’s but there are a couple of anatomical differences that set it apart.

x-ray alien hand

For instance, a human hand has three bones in each finger. This one has twice as many, meaning that when the creature was alive, it was probably much more dextrous than us humans.

“Once again, as with the skull, physicians in Cusco determined that clearly this is not the hand of a human, but is made up of bone and skin,” Foerster wrote. “They were unable to determine what kind of life form it is, or was.”

Another aspect that appears to attest to the authenticity of the remains is the detailed photo below. Take a look at the way the skin is folded around the area where the fingernail once was. No matter how skilled a taxidermist might be, he wouldn’t be able to replicate the intricate details shown in the photo.

mummified alien hand

This is a very interesting case with far-reaching implications and a lot of questions on its tail. There aren’t that many mummified hands that look like they belonged to extraterrestrials so these ones are sure to make waves.

Perhaps one of the most well-known mummified bodies to be called an alien is Ata, the small humanoid found in the Atacama Desert. Is it a mere coincidence that Ata’s remains were found in Chile, while the hand, body and head were found in neighboring Peru? Do all the enigmatic South American legends of alien gods provide backing to these findings?

Discovered by accident in 2003, Ata quickly became a sensation in alien enthusiast circles. Tests performed by serious institutions uncovered anomalies in the skeleton that set it apart from that of a normal human. Stanford University scientists discovered that Ata only had 10 pairs of ribs and an abnormally large cranium vault.

But the battery of tests failed to provide a deeper understanding of the creature’s nature and origin. Opinions are divided and while some are convinced Ata is proof of alien-human hybridization, others simply dismiss it as nothing but the desiccated remains of a malformed human fetus.

Will the recently-discovered mummified alien hand, head and torso suffer the same fate? Or will they offer the world palpable and undeniable proof that humans weren’t the only intelligent humanoids to walk the Earth?

We’ll just have to wait for further tests to be performed until we can pass judgement on the issue. But still, by a show of hands, who thinks this is part of a dead alien?