UFOs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and although some would think they’ve seen them all, there are always unique appearances which resemble nothing seen so far. Such is the case of this amazing catch surprised by a skilled sky watcher over Melbourne, Australia.

Filmed by UFO Lou of YouTube a few years ago, the sighting has stirred up the entire UFO community as people were unable to explain this bizarre event. It looks like a fireworks spectacle, but the presented footage clearly removes this hypothesis, as no fire comes out of it. So what could these bizarre UFOs be? Are they caused by a natural phenomenon, or are they rather organic beings known as Zeroids.


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Back in 2012 when UFO Lou captured the footage, he became truly amazed of what he was witnessing, since the vast knowledge of these flying objects couldn’t explain what those were. He offered a short analysis of the objects in the video’s description that clearly expressed his enthusiasm:

I fell off my chair when I saw this! Lou said before offering additional details on the topic. Camera is a low light security camera with a 6mm lens. Objects are clearly behind the tree top at the bottom of the screen…keep in mind this is near a ‘fisheye lens’…these objects are very large, yet very distant.

The video clearly shows how five UFOs ascend from the ground and burst through the sky leaving a glimmering trail behind. They are very fast and appear to keep a certain flying order. The sighting is indeed unique, as we cannot compare it with anything seen so far, except for the fireworks hypothesis.

According to UFO Lou, the objects are very large, but because of the distance they appear like small sparkles dashing through the sky. They could pose as artificial crafts, but the long, glowing tail left behind by each of these UFOs tend to diminish this hypothesis.

The probability of them being fragments which fell off a meteor is also unlikely because such sightings are coming from space and are heading towards the Earth, while in this case they are clearly following an ascendant path. Also, the meteors would only be seen for a brief amount of time.

So, that only leaves us with the organic entities hypothesis, which seems the most plausible. These otherworldly beings are fairly malleable and can change their size and shape. They were seen ‘dancing’ through the sky while performing impossible maneuvers at tremendous speeds, so this well-known characteristics indicate that what Lou captured back in 2012 is a rare example of organic UFOs.

However, not every aspect matches the description, as these organic entities are known to develop a circular shield around them whenever they enter our realm. They also pulsate and are mostly seen without the tail. But, since the UFO phenomenon is so wide, the appearances can vary exponentially.

If these are indeed organic UFOs, the possibility of them residing on our planet, or even within it becomes extremely likely. Since the human eye can only perceive a small portion of the light spectrum, it’s hard to witness such events without the proper filters or cameras. However, it’s also plausible that such sightings occur on a daily basis all around us, but we are unable to see them because our vision is not well-adapted for the entire spectrum of light. The fact that some are visible even without special equipment could be because of the energy field they form around them, that’s powerful enough for our eyes to perceive.

Whatever the case, there are still countless mysteries waiting to be uncovered or solved, and making small steppes in that direction each day, will allow for a better understanding of this great puzzle we call life. Share the word and help others see these wonders.