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Get ready everyone, according to a Facebook event called ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’, UFO enthusiasts will storm the area of the secret air force base and raid the grounds until they find answers. The event is set for Sept. 20th, 2019.

Almost 300,000 Facebook users signed up to attend the “Storm Area 51” event. The page seems to have started off as a joke that escalated pretty quickly. To some degree, many of us UFO and alien believers might like to see this, although, it could be very dangerous.

Area 51 is an air-force base that covers 2.9 million acres of ground. There is a 25 mile no fly zone and it’s extremely protected and restricted to the public.

Area 51 has been a debatable topic since the late 1940’s, when a UFO aircraft came crashing down in New Mexico. The U.S government claimed it was a weather balloon and pretty much every sighting since has been a weather balloon. Let’s just say, with a repetitive excuse like that, it’s surprising that very few questioned the authenticity of the governments claims.

Anyway, conspiracy theorist believe that the late 1940’s crash was an alien spaceship. The spaceship was transported to area 51 and after a while questions from the public seemed to settle until 1980s. There was a big crave in the 80’s when a man who claimed to work at area 51 confirmed what conspiracy theorist have known all along. UFO and aliens exist, they are here on earth and the government knows about them.

Since then many who worked for the air force have come forth talking about disclosure and their UFO and alien encounters. We are talking about credible people such as astronauts, aerophysicists, engineers, pilots and radar operatives all disclosing information about UFO and aliens and their connection to the government. I’m doubtful that they are all diluted or insane.

Here’s the Facebook link if you want to check it out.


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