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Travis Walton has spent more than 40 years with vivid memories of his abduction which has become a main focus in his life.

On November 5, 1975, Walton, a logger in the mountains of Arizona, was on his way to work with five of his crew members when the abduction occurred.

Since then he and his crew members have testified to what they had seen. Walton lived under scrutiny despite the testimonials and evidence acquired.

Travis Walton’s Disappearance 

On that night of the 5th, Travis Walton disappeared without a trace after he and his crew members claim to have seen a UFO in the forest.

According to Walton and the crew members, the whole incident started when they saw light shining through the trees. Believing it was a fire, the men pulled up their truck to the scene. It was then that the crew saw the flying saucer.

“When we pulled up into the light where we had straight view – it was unmistakable I yelled stop and one of the guys in the back said it’s a spaceship or a flying saucer it was less than 100 feet away,” Travis said.

Since the incident, Travis Walton has claimed to have taken 16 separate lie detector tests in efforts to prove his story.

This is what Walton had to say when describing the incident, “It was a clearly defined metallic disc outlined against the sky and fantastic in the grandeur of it.”

“All the guys in the crew – as frightening as it was – also describe it as being beautiful it was so perfect.”

“I got out as soon as Mike who was driving stopped and I left the door open and went towards it.”

“It was just an impulse I thought it would be gone by the time I got close. It was immediately alarming to the other guys and the closer I got they were yelling at me to get back in the truck.”

“Later they said it looked like I was in a trance but looking at them it seemed like they were in a trance too.”

It was then that the spaceship began to move and make weird loud noises. Walton went for cover behind a log. As he was trying to get back to the truck, he was hit by a huge force that knocked him unconscious off his feet.

“When it hit me it was a stunning force. I did not see this blast of energy but the men in the crew gave a statement to the sheriff’s department and said it looked like a long blue flame – others compared it to stepping on a landmine or grenade because it threw me through the air.”

Believing the force had killed their friend and fearing for their lives, the rest of the crew members drove off and went for help.

The sheriff’s department initiated a huge search which included helicopters, ATVs and men on horses. With all their resources, Travis couldn’t be found.

Meanwhile, while the search was underway, Travis was aboard the spaceship where he was surrounded by small looking aliens. It was there that he regained consciousness,

“It was very blurry and I had some double vision but I could see the outline of these forms around me I thought they were doctors but when my vision got clearer and I could see these were not doctors – I just flipped out,” he said.

“The one that was closest to me – I tried to hit it away – but I felt like I could hardly move my arm.

“It was more of a push than a hit because I was so weakened but the creature felt soft and lighter than I expected. It fell back into one that was standing near it.

“I backed away and bumped up against a shelf and looked around and saw an array of tools or instruments and I very quickly just grabbed one and started flailing at them.

“They stopped and stood there staring at me and that stare was in my nightmares for many years after that. I couldn’t tolerate that stare.”

After Travis tried to escape through a door, a being, in a space helmet grabbed him and took him to another room and laid him on a table. It was then that he was given a mask. And once again Travis was unconscious.

At this point, the crew members that were with Travis Walton were accused of murder. Travis had been gone for 5 days when he woke up 15 miles from where he originally disappeared.

Proving His Story

Debunkers have since put Travis Walton’s story under a microscope, trying to aggressively discredit him .

Travis wrote a book on the incident entitled, ‘Fire in the Sky’.
Since the incident, people have had a hard time believing him and this has been a huge battle for Walton.

“From the beginning it was a battle against people trying to explain it away – the locals didn’t want to believe it; the sheriff didn’t want to believe it – you know he thought it was a murder then a drug hallucination.” Said Travis Walton.

“I had a whole battery of psychiatric tests and there was nothing wrong in that department, drug tests proved there was nothing in my system.”

More than 40 years have passed and Travis Walton still stands by what he has witnessed and experienced which was an abduction of the third kind.

Witnesses including his crew members have taken 11 polygraph tests which they all passed.

This is what Travis said speaking to Devil’s Tower UFO Rendezvous,
“I decided to break my silence. I started refuted these things that people have been saying about me and my story.”

“I took each and every theory the skeptics came up with and just blew them out of the water with facts.”

“I am certain I’m not the only one who has been taken – this is absolutely real and it’s important that the general public come to a gradual understanding of that.”

“I’m not trying to shock or amaze or frighten anyone – on the contrary – in relating how frightened I was I don’t want anyone to share that fear.”

“I think it’s important for them to realize what happened with me 45 years ago – it was not even an abduction.”

“I entertained that term for a while because that’s what other people called it but now I’d say it was more of an ambulance call – that I was injured in a way that would have been fatal and the aliens had the technology available to help me.”

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