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Time and time again throughout the course of human history it has been proven that what we thought was the truth, pre-packaged and parroted by the mainstream media, is anything but, and that many stranger-than-fiction “conspiracy theories” actually ended up being shown as true decades later.

The shape of the Earth itself has been hotly debated in recent years, as the Flat Earth movement has grown out of one single “society” and positioned itself as a more grassroots movement, with globe Earth “debunkers” battling it out in comments sections everywhere against those who believe in a more old school Biblical theory of the “firmament” and a dome above our heads instead of space.

One of the most intriguing theories that has been mostly ignored, however, is the Hollow Earth theory, which despite its relative anonymity is one of the most appealing and potentially true theories out there.

This theory was once an equal hypothesis before seismic evidence led to its rejection, but there is a strong contingent of Hollow Earth theory supporters who strongly believe that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a fact, and will be corroborated by scientific evidence.

If what they say is true, Antarctica is the center of it all, and it may very well be a doorway to another dimension the likes of which most human beings will likely never lay eyes upon.

Does an Ancient Civilization Reside Inside the Earth?

According to one theory on Hollow Earth, there is an entire civilization existing below the surface said to be “resistant to oxygen deficiency and high temperatures,” and even to the inner sun, which science calls the Earth’s core.

This theory is just scratching the surface, Hollow Earth advocates claim, as human beings do not have the technologies that currently allow us to penetrate the layers of our planet, and it is not even know whether such an undertaking is currently possible. The deepest well ever made was by the Russians and reached a depth of only 12 kilometers.

Altogether, the idea of the bowels of the Earth is based on a mathematical interesting of data, leaving open the possibility for an entirely different world beneath the Earth’s crust.

One hypothesis states that the gateway to the underworld, below the surface of our planet, lies in Antarctica, and this is likely the place where many unidentified flying objects depart and fly.

What Types of Creatures Populate the Innards of Our Planet?

This is where the Hollow Earth theory really gets weird.

Considering that there is theoretically an entire civilization or civilizations deep under the Earth’s crust, theories and sightings abound as to what could potentially be down there.

According to researcher Rodney Cluff, author of World: Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow, half of the planet is taken up by surface weight and the interior sun is divided by both night and day sides, acting as a moon and a sun in one subterranean object.

And what could be lurking under the surface?

Most who believe in the Hollow Earth theory also believe it has at least some characteristics of a lush tropical paradise, perhaps even complete with massive, exotic fruits the size of human beings, majestic waterfalls, caves and other features.

The inner Earth also likely houses advanced alien races, advanced humanoid style races, and perhaps even giants who feed on a feast of fruit in the lush tropical paradise.

Some theories even posit that Adolph Hitler and other German military personnel escaped to this mysterious paradise. Other scenarios include the “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel,” who were said to be guided to the North polar opening by God himself.

These inhabitants are generally categorized as peace-loving and advanced far beyond our own currently technological standing.

“They have flying saucer technology. They live lives of perfect health for hundreds of years. Their science is much more advanced because they live much longer lives,” says Cluff.

If this theory is in fact true, it goes without saying that human beings need to begin exploring it more seriously in the near future, that much is for certain.

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