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As many have seen, there has been a monolith that was discovered in the Utah desert just a few short days ago. This monolith looks like something out of a sci-fi film. It stands around 10-12 feet tall and has been perfectly designed, for whatever purpose. Only God knows. This mysterious monolith has been discovered in a remote part of the United Sates.

On film the camera man narrates “The intrepid explorers go down to investigate the alien life form.” – Chuckles.

The state employees were in a helicopter counting sheep. That’s a job? Counting sheep from a helicopter? That alone sounds odd to me, and they stumble on this shiny silver thing the desert and it makes breaking news all over the country.

The structure is about 3 meters (10 to 12 feet high) and appears to be made of some sort of metal.

People on social media were quick to share that this very closely resembled a monolith in the film 2001 A Space Odyessy, Stanley Kubricks film.

Of course, it made the news nationwide.

The location of the monolith has not been revealed but this is the closest we could find to the location.

Utah Monolith Location:

Monolith size and design.

Interestingly enough remember 2001? The year of or after that everything on the grid was supposed to come down. It was y2k if I remember correctly. And Stanley’s film about apes, aliens, moon exploration (a secret base on the moon) and more was the sci-fi flick released in 2001. Here’s a quick trailer to recap your memory on it:

Are there any correlations that we’re missing?

What someone needs to do is find this monolith and test to see if there is radiation or any electromagnetic energy coming from it. Then something can actually be revealed from it, if anything. I’m leaning towards the media seeding ideas of ‘alien invasion’ in our minds in an effort to bring Project Blue Beam into full effect. Even super soldiers have claimed that fake alien invasions are coming. What do you think?

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