There is a group of individuals who claim they can summon UFOs using only telepathic abilities. Members of the group usually offer public representations in urban areas where lots of people gather to witness the “miracle”.

One of the most successful attempts to summon a UFO happened on June 22, 2014, when the original UFO summoner, Robert Bingham, succeeded in calling a massive orb UFO that furtherly released a pair of small, pulsating orbs.

The event took place in downtown Los Angeles, California, and it gathered many local UFO researchers and enthusiasts. After the first summoning attempt, Bingham succeeded in bringing up two orb UFOs.

The flying objects then hovered over LA at moderate speed. After a short while, the first orb released two smaller flashy spheres that were pulsating and slowly descending. Could this be an actual mothership? Or does this peculiar event have a different explanation?

According to the people who summon these UFOs, they are otherworldly beings, organic entities hiding on our planet. After Bingham establishes a telepathic connection with the so called beings, he persuades them to play on the sky for other people to see.

Bingham believes in the power of telepathic attraction although such a force is not entirely admitted by science. He claims that one has only to believe in order to summon these fantastic orbs, UFOs, beings or however you like to call them. Here is what one of Bingham’s disciples, Fausto Perez, has to say about this unusual summoner talent:

I learned from Robert Bingham how to call these things that show up in the sky. My goal is to identify and know what these UFOs are. 

After I learned how to do this, I displayed the phenomenon to friends and family to help find out what these things were and so far, we still know them as unidentified flying objects. I will also teach anyone with an open mind how to do this.”

It might sound impossible, but these UFO summoners managed to pull quite a few successful shows in the US. The summoned UFOs have different, abstract shapes and while hovering they appear to be shapeshifting and are sometimes pulsating.

If there is indeed a link between these spectacular appearances and the summoners we can only speculate, but one thing remains certain: the UFO phenomenon is real and it offers quite a variety of sightings.