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Cancer is so painfully common that people have begun to joke about it. “Oh everything causes cancer nowadays.” We all hear it. Sadly, much of what causes cancer is beyond our control. We do our best, organic food, no microwave dinners, use sunscreen, etc. But is that enough? Not really. And what about this new enemy that is being brought right into our personal space, 5th Generation (5G) technology?

The Cost of Progress

It’s good to start by remembering that ALL progress has a price. We are a planet with specific resources inhabited by a large variety of species that all have specific needs. We simply cannot take from one category without it decreasing. As an example, everytime you eat an Oreo, that blue package contains one less Oreo. We accept this as a fact. It seems, though, that we forget this principle when it comes to bigger things. For instance, we lie, but think we won’t lose trust. We cheat, and think we won’t lose our partner. We steal and think that what we have taken won’t be noticed as missing. This nasty human trait has applied itself all the way up the ladder and magnitude of “progress”. We take wantonly from the forests, the oceans, the ground, the air and we think that these will not be damaged or in any way changed.

Progress also creates waste. Even good things, deplete other things and create waste. On a tiny scale, think of a cake, you cannot bake a cake without depleting your supply of eggs and leaving behind empty shells. As humans we generate a tremendous amount of this take/waste pattern. We take coal, we waste out as smog and other pollutants.

But what about technology? Ah. Shiny technology. There’s no smell, less and less wires and sound and even heat. It’s so pretty and useful. Oh so useful! It educates us, guides us, entertains us, shops for us and does so many things we just don’t have the time for. But what are the effects?

What’s So Wrong With 5G?

Well aside from the general lecture on trash and lithium batteries, there is a new enemy. 5G tech. What’s the big deal about 5G? It’s just the next obvious step up the ladder of progress from 4G right? WRONG!

Over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries are currently warning the world about 5G health risks. Brussels, Belgium, and Geneva, Switzerland, have already blocked 5G trials and banned upgrades. Some towns in England have banned the placement of 5G in their villages. Finland, usually ready to upgrade before many other countries has called into question this new level of tech and might ban it as well.

The Long-term Cost of 5G

So what is the take/waste ratio in this scenario? 5G is entirely different from 4G or its predecessors. Itis supposed to be the absolute fastest network we have ever seen, up to 300 times as fast as 4G. So what’s the big deal with that? To maintain this level of sophistication and connectivity, there will need to be a lot more towers, and mini-towers. Some estimates are saying that nearly every block in every neighborhood will need at least one mini-tower to support the neighborhood devices. Not only will the installation take away from our peace and the results be unsightly at best, the amount of radiation this will put out as waste is akin to being able to turn on your microwave with the door open (a safety feature prevents that for YOUR HEALTH) and leaving it running and open for the rest of your life. The internal temperatures of all living things will slowly begin to heat up. (Hint: this is how your microwave makes food hot…) Cancer will be an even more common thing even in small children and pets.

Interestingly, radiation causes mutigination of the DNA. In geek terms…5G tech might make the X-Men concept a viable possibility after a couple of generations. And think of all the consequences to the flora and fauna. These are much tinier and more delicate than humans, hence the damage would be worse. Mass crop failure is a possibility as well as wide-spread cattle and poultry death and infection. 

What You Can Do

How can we avoid this future? Well, in short of all countries banning the further production and promotion of this technology, it’s best to eat as healthy as possible, take quality vitamins, and spend as much time as possible away from heavy technology use. Consider only plugging in your wifi router during the time periods when you actually intend to use a device on wifi. Avoid lengthy cell phone conversations and DO NOT carry your phone in your back pocket or your bra!!!!! Maintaining a positive attitude and eliminating as many stress factors from life as possible will also enhance your well-being, thus boosting your immune system.

In short, do your best to be your best you, count your blessings and be brave in the face of the future.

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