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A company by the name of Airselfie has released the smallest and cheapest drone yet called Airpix that takes 1080P video and images from the air. This drone design is similar to what the Italians made with UFO sport vehicles. With multiple propellers powering it. It has 4 small propellers and the drone is small enough to fit in your back pocket.

The drone is lightweight, nimble and can auto-fly or be flown manually from an app on your phone. It takes high resolution video and images at 1080P. Many drone lovers enjoy and appreciate such high quality resolution and a small size, at such a resonable price.

It’s actually my first drone personally, and for the price, you cannot beat it. It’s fun to fly and comes with 4 extra propellers in case any of them break. You can see a review of the drone on youtube here:

Grab your own Airselfie on amazon today here.

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