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It’s not everyday that an asteroid passes earth. They seem to be out and about ALL the time. For some reason they ALWAYS miss us though. Ever wonder why? Maybe earth is too small of a target for NASA to hit.

I was browsing the web the other day and i’ve seen a lot of crazy articles lately. Headlines that tigers have the corona virus, because when people question the official narrative release a tiger on them, like its an episode of tiger king right? Scare them a bit.

Now, CNN reports that there’s an asteroid “flying by earth” (once again, missing) that appears to be wearing a face mask. I shit you not. They’re really trying to keep the sheep on track eh? Telling us that even asteroids flying by earth appear to be wearing their face mask.

The flyby is expected to occur on Wednesday, April 29, at 5:56 a.m. ET, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies. This center tracks Near-Earth Objects, or NEOs, that could collide with Earth.

God, i’m so glad we have NASA to protect us from asteroids that according to them are:

3,908,791 miles away from Earth. That’s 16 times farther than the distance between Earth and the moon. Yet its “Flying by earth” – Yep, makes plenty of sense. My senses are just grasping this in its entirety immediately.

Nasa is PROTECTING us from something that is 16x farther away than the moon is.

They definitely deserve their $60 MILLION dollars per day for protecting us from something that is 16x further away than the moon is.

CNN also reports that the asteroid is moving at 19,461 miles per hour.

Wow, they clocked it out there. Some cop must have had his radar gun floating in a space suit 16x further away from earth and clocked it. He must have had a really great set of eyes too. 2020 vision to see something moving at almost 20,000 miles an hour.

He must have also had catlike reflexes to get his technology to track something moving that fast out.

This is the supposed asteroid:

Anne Virkki, the head of planetary radar at the Arecibo Observatory, wears her face mask with an alleged range-Doppler radar image of asteroid 1998 OR2.

This is the drawing that shows the asteroid. Something a 5 year old could create on a computer.

When I first found this article headline entitled “Giant asteroid flying by Earth next week looks like it’s wearing a face mask” I thought it was a joke. I thought it was a satire article. Nope, turns out it was CNN.

If you believe what NASA is telling you without questioning how they came up with these crazy numbers, try using some common sense. NASA is NADA space agency and this silly news story is just more proof of that. Get your NADA Space Agency T-shirt to combat the NASA sheep here.

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